Friday, 23 March 2012

recent happenings/discoveries

it been a while since a last got a post up simply because life seems to be moving by at 1000mph at the moment. so i hought i'd share with you a little bit of what i've been up too and all the lovely things i've learned in doing so.


♥ a few weeks ago now i got my january exam results and i massively surpassed anyones expectations, even my own! i'm now on track to get into uni come august and hopefully with some wonderful results! this really has made this year worth it and i'm beyond happy!

♥ results means its time to begin revision for summer exams so i am already filling my brain with everything that could possibly come up in any of my papers. sadly that means my easter holidays will be less than relaxing.

♥ last week i went up to loughborough to visit some friends and attend an open day. i was definitely impressed. the uni is amazing and i had an amzing night out the union dressed as a giant turtle, head to toe in green body paint!

♥ i've been ebaying loads of stuff in an attempt to make a few pennies so anyone looking for a bargin click the tab to the right and have a good old looksie. as well as selling some bits and bobs i've also been clearing my make-up to send a big old package to give and make-up.

♥ i had my a-level drama exam on wed night which leads to an slight decrease in my stress levels but the fact i don't get to know muy mark until august is so irritating! i was so happy see a group of my friends come watch me perform. sadly the saw the dress rehearsal which to be honest was just a little bit under rehearsed. but what can you do....

♥ last night i went to see charlie simpson with my brother. it was his present to me for my birthday. it was absolutely amazing. his voice is just devine. the bro earned major brownie points for this one.

♥ not really a happening but i am super excited for the hunger games movie that is out today. the books are one of my favourite series and i'm certain the film is going be just as awesome!


♥ good things come to those who wait
♥ there is no subsitution for real hard work and determination
♥ it's hard to make people care as much as you do
 ♥ good lyrics really do make a song
♥ charlie simpson is really underrated
♥ experiences really are what you make of them
♥ sometimes its hard to face your mistakes and forgive yourself

hopefully now exams/results are over i can really try to get back into blogging. i have so many amazing products to share with you as well as loads of other bits and bobs!

how are you all? been up to much?


  1. im off to see the hunger games too tonight and couldnt be more excited!

  2. So jealous you saw Charlie, I always missed the tickets going on sale :(


  3. thats really sweet, the bit you discovered, but all so very very true :D

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