Wednesday, 18 April 2012

clearout challenge: under the bed

yet again i have to apologise for my absence! with exams fast approaching and friends home from uni the past few weeks i have just been so unbelievably busy! i have however been trying to finally get finish the clearout challenge i set myself back in september time (you thought i'd forgotten didn't you!) so be warned i have quite a few of these posts to send your way over the next few weeks!

i thought i'd begin with under my bed.... this is the area where everything without a place seems to end up. it's just a bottomless pit of nothingness.



♥ as usual i began by taking everything out of the space and giving it a good clean. that way i had a blank canvas to start with.

♥ then i found all of the baskets/boxs that had been hanging around cluttering up my room and began to sort things into piles/groups. for example the white basket on the left contains all of my sewing bits and bobs, and the brown basket to the left of it contains all of my notebooks and pencil cases.

♥ round the other side of the bed (closest to the wall) are my less pretty looking items which i have stashed underneath, so that's my mini fridge and suitcase.

♥ stacking everything under is like a big game of tetris! make sure you have the boxes you will need to access the most right at the front, else you'll have to hassle of trying to find them each day!

this was definitely my most satisfying clearout, simply because i managed to store away so many things that had been clogging up my cupboards and floor area for years! now it looks all pretty!

have you been doing the clearout out challenge? or perhaps you finished it before me?


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