Monday, 30 April 2012

fashionista custom blush palette

| fashionista custom blush palette*- palette £5, single shades £4 |
| available from selected superdrug stores and online |
| swatches l-r: blushing, bella, juicy apricot, butterscotch |

can you believe how long it has taken me to blog about this?! i picked it up at towib back in october and it's only recently that i've really got round to getting some use out of it... (as usual i forgot i owned it. typical me)

the palettes themselves come in either black or red depending on your preference and have a massive mirror inside which for me is a massive plus as i often find brands seem to underestimate the size of my face by giving me a tiny mirror so i can barely see half my nose! you can then customise the palette with your own choice of eyeshadows or blushers, creating your own individual palette full of your favourite shades.

the single blushers and eyeshadows come in their own black plastic casings which can be left as they are or popped out and into the palettes. i like to keep all of my separate casings in case i want to chuck a single blush into my make-up bag.

this is the perfect palette for travelling. with 3 blushers: blushing, juicy apricot and butterscotch, and one baked eyeshadow: bella (which works perfectly as a highlight) i have a variety of shades to work with depending on my mood. obviously you could pick different blushers should you so wish (or build up your own eyeshadow palette) so you can have the perfect selection for you!

the formula of the blushers is a little chalky but still workable. the pigmentation is beyond belief so you have to be careful to use a light hand when applying them. blushing and butterscotch are both matte shades whereas juicy apricot has a little shimmer, i find the shimmer is so minimal that it is perfect for just adding a little glow to a daily make-up look but if it is something that particularly worries you then perhaps it could be more of an evening blush? the baked eyeshadow, bella, is possibly my favourite part of the palette. it is the most gorgeous golden highlight which i find although shimmery isn't glittery, instead it is super wearable and gives a beautiful glow for day or night!

i can see this is going to be bad for my blusher addiction! with so many amazing shades at such a great price it would be rude not to right? 

have you tried any fashionista products? is there anything i should add to my wishlist?


  1. I really want to try these but can't seem to find them in any of the Superdrugs near me :( Bella looks like a beautiful highlight!

    Frances xx

  2. So pretty! Bella looks absolutely amazing, and it seems like an all-around great deal!

  3. You not the only one, I also got it on TOWIB and I still haven't had a chance to review it. I should had went for the pinks, they look lovely. x


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