Friday, 20 April 2012

lauren's way self tanning bronzing mousse

| lauren's way self tanning bronzing mousse* £17.95- lauren's way website/selected salons & spas |

this is a product that i first became aware of almost a year ago now when i attended the very first towib. at the time the only experience i had had with fake tan involved a friend and i waking up looking orange and patchy...... so obviously i wasn't too keen to try tanning again, especially as this particular product comes from lauren goodger from 'the only way is essex', a show that is well known for it's less than natural look (think fake tan, fake eyelashes and plenty of glitter!) the lovely ree insisted too us all that this tan was idiot proof and after a a few weeks of it staring at me from my vanity i decided to suck it up and give it a go.... and boy was she right!

the tan is easy to apply and goes on streak free with no patchiness, even around all those drier areas eg knees and elbows. a great thing about this tan is that even if you do manage to leave the house with a streak due to a bit of human-error then you can buff it away when dry just as easily as when first applied! one thing i was really dreading is that awkward time you spend wandering the house in your underwear waiting for your tan to dry (just me? oh..... okay then) but not with this one! it dries in minutes so its perfect for a last minute sweep of colour on a night out if you've forgotten. or of course you can apply it in the evening and wash it off the next morning with no worry or ruin your bed sheets!

 the mousse isn't too scary looking. it smooths into the skin beautifully giving a golden bronze finish that is enough for that summer glow but not so dark that it would look out of place in winter. (be warned that i have been told the lotion is darker in colour) and the best bit of all.... it doesn't have that gross fake tan smell! i'm not saying it doesn't have any scent (the bottle states it's odourless.....*raised eyebrows*) but it isn't as biscuity smelling as other fake tans i have tried since. a winner all round!

big thanks to my lovely friend harri who agreed to be my leg model

although i was initially dubious this a product that i am happy to say proved me wrong! it was my go to fake tan all through the colder months and i'm sure it will see me into spring as well. yes the price tag does make it a little harder to swallow (you know me, i'm a bargainista!) but unless i find something on the cheaper side which i can learn to love just as much i'll be sticking with my mousse. it would seem lauren's way really is the only way.

what's your favourite tan? or do you prefer to embrace the pale-ness?


  1. Hey Rosie!
    I'm definitely one to embrace the pale, aha.
    The look of the mousse is slightly off putting :')
    Glad you liked it though!

    Ive nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog :)


    1. Loads of people say that to me ahaha I wish I was confident enough to do that! I admire you for it!

      Thank you so much! I'm off to check it out now :) xo

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