Monday, 9 April 2012

mua 3 in 1 contour pens

| mua 3 in 1 contour pens £1.50- selected superdrug stores/mua website |
| shades smoked plum (6)*, fresh mint (3)*, auburn (5)* and black |

i'll be honest these weren't one of those mua products i was really excited about. i've never been big on eyeliner pencils/pens always favouring liquid or gel liner but knowing that mua never fails to impress me i figuired i'd give it a try and see what happened...

you really do have to give mua credit this is a product really is perfect for a multitude of looks. the very tip of the nib is great for a really fine line which is what i prefer for a day to day look and then using other parts of the nib you can create thicker lines or use it to give an all over wash of colourr.

the colour selection is great with 7 different shades available. although i don't find myself reaching for coloured eyeliners very often the colours i have are far more wearable than others i have owned in the past. the plum and mint colours are pigmented but not as much so as the other two shades, i find this makes them slightly more subtle and thus more wearable, especially if you want to wear them from day to day. however all colours i have (except black) have a metallic finish which may not float everyones boat.

the product glides on to the lid with ease and i didn't worry about it snapping off as it felt sturdy and didn't wind it up much for each use anyway. the colour lasted for between 4-6 hours on my eyes depending on the shade but i would imagine this would be signifigantly less if used on the waterline. (i'm afraid i can't comment as i haven't tried this yet but i'll be sure to update when i do!)
overall i'm very impressed i find the angled edge much easier to use than the typical pencil particularly when applying a fine line to my lid and the winding mechanism eliminates the need to sharpen it which saves me so much time as my pencils always seem to be blunt when i need them! with only 3 more colours until i own them all i'm sure it won't be long until i make a few more purchases!
have you tried these? what is your favourite mua product?


  1. I've tried two of these and I think they are brilliant! I think they are really easy to blend so I can use them as a crease colour too. I wouldn't wear them without a primer though xx

    1. Oooo I'll have to try that! It had never occurred to me! :)

  2. i have these in auburn and black and the black is amazing! but i was actually quite disappointed by the smoked plum shade :( the mint shade look lovely!
    hareem x

    1. Oh really? How so? I think that the shade is a little darker than I expected which I actually prefer as I'm not a big coloured eyeliner person but it would be nice to have a slightly more vibrant plum in the collection too I think :)

  3. I am definitly going to pick one of these up as MUA felt tip eyeliner is one of the best I have used!



    1. I've been looking for one I them everywhere! My local store always seems to be sold out :(


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