Wednesday, 11 April 2012

project 10 pan update/empties

another update for you but i thought i would combine it with the proucts i've recently used up. i know everyone says this but i really do find it useful seeing what products people are finishing up because by that point i think you can really give a good idea of whether it is worth it or not.

with so many products for me to finish i've taken to giving some away to good homes because there is no way in hell i'll ever get around to using everything, so a few of my project 10 pan items haven't been photographed but i have actually finished a few too. not as many as i would hope but i'm getting there..... slowly.

- 4x unlabelled nail varnish
- 3x body collection nail varnish
- 3x bhs nail varnish
- bhs top coat nail varnish
- 2x so delicious face shine (1x gold & 1x silver)
- new look moonshine shimmer lotion
-simply pure moisturising lotion
- m&s fruity beauty bath caviar
- 1x avon lipstick
- 1x colourworks blusher
- m&s body powder
- barry m lipgloss

- nivea lipbalm
- herbal essences hello hydration conditioner
- insignia rush hair and body wash
- elle mcpherson get glam shimmer polish
- elle mcpherson get glam body souffle

some of these products are ones that i was happy to finally see the back off but there were a few that i was pleasently surprised by so i thought i would share my thoughts on a few of the products...

witch liquid concealer-  i've reviewed this before and it's still one of my all time favourite concealers! a definite repurchase!

nivea lipbalm- oh god i just hate this. i can't even begin to work out why i would have bought it. it's way too thick, doesn't apply nicely and isn't even really that moisturising.

colourworks blusher- who would have thought a blusher i picked up in a multi set from new look would become one of my favourites?! the colour was amazing, pigmentation great and it lasted all day.

avon lipstick- i'm pretty sure these aren't available from avon anymore but i absolutely love them! the colours are lovely and pigmentation is pretty good for most. i'll definitely be checking out some of the ones available on the website.
are any of you doing project 10 pan? how are you doing?


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