Sunday, 29 April 2012

simple age resisting day cream

| simple age resisting day cream £6.59 -boots |

this was a lovely little sticking filler from my mama at christmas. i was in desperate need of a new day cream, something effective and not too expensive, and this was one i had heard good things about. if i'm honest i didn't even realise it was 'age resisting' but it's never too early to start right?

i always find there isn't much to say about moisturisers other than this does exactly what is says on the tin (well.... on the box....) it leaves my skin lovely and soft without feeling sticky (a feeling i often seem to get with cheap moisturisers!) and it was extremely calming (totally essential when i am using my retin-a!) a nice addition is that you are also able to use around your delicate eye area, but i have been using it in conjunction with my simple eye cream, so this wasn't really a massive plus point for me. but for some of you it may be!

 the product is white in colour and pretty mildly scented, similar to suncream, but definitely nowhere near as strong! it is this lack of perfume and colour that makes it perfect for sensitive skin, something i am lucky enough not to experience. i have seen a few reviews that have said it made their skin a little shiny but that isn't something i have personally experienced. but do bare in mind i have fairly dry skin.

as well as working effectively as a moisturiser is also has the added bonus of spf15 which is great for those of you, who like me, can't be bothered with suncream unless the sun is blazing in the sky. the pump is a welcomed addition to the packaging, making it my hygienic to use and last longer in the long run because i'm not tempted to use too much!

so it lives up to almost all of it's claims but is it age resisting? well only time will tell i guess? maybe ask to see my face in 20 years time ;)

have you got a favourite moisturiser? are there any simple products you would recommend?


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