Wednesday, 2 May 2012

clearout challenge: the bookcase

almost there... this was one of my harder challenges. i don't think i expected it to be so much work when i first started but not much longer to go!

 i'm really sentimental so i was holding on to loads of my books/ornaments/dolls thinking 'i could give these to my children!'. which of course is a lovely thought but will they really need or appreciate 30 books i read aged 11? it was just making everything super cluttered! i also decided i didn't like the placement of these bookshelves in my room so you may notice that i moved them to next to each other. i think it really does look much better! a lot more spacious.

anyway lets have a look at the changes i made shall we.....



so this clearout was simply a case of working out what things i really use/need. and if it didn't fall into either category i then had to think would i really look back on in 20 years and have a memory associated to it? if not then it needs to go! then i had to move everything around a bit... i found the reorganisation on the shelves highly therapeutic! i put all the books in alphabetical order and organised all the dolls and ornaments so that it didn't look to crowded.

i would say a job well done! and now i only have one area left to go and it will finally be done!

have you done the clearout challenge? or prehaps you have some storage ideas to share?


  1. I really need to do this clearout challenge, my room is so unorganised and messy :( You've been doing a really good job :)

    Frances xx

  2. Wow, amazing job! I'm like you so I would have struggled with this challenge, but you did really well and it looks great!

  3. thanks guys! i've enjoyed it so much! it really does make you feel so much better knowing it's done and organised!



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