Wednesday, 16 May 2012

eyeko skinny eyeliner

| eyeko skinny eyeliner in emerald green* £9.50- harvey nicholls/online |

when eyeko was rebranded i have to admit i wasn't really that bothered. i'm rarely in london anyway so buying it would be a bit of a bother and none of the products really caught my eye. so when i saw this eyeliner in my january glossy box i just shrugged it off in favour of the orly nail polish.

this week i decided to make a conscious decision to be more adventurous with my eye makeup. i very rarely stray away from neutrals and i felt like for summer it might be nice to add a pop of colour.

i've been using this colour on my lower lash line, whilst maintaining my usual mix of stila shadows (review here) to add a pop of colour and i have to say i have been loving it! it really brings out the green in my eyes and lasts all day! the colour is a gorgeous, deep, pigmented green and i've had many a person comment on how great it looks this past week! i also love the idea that you can actually use the whole pencil right to the very end as the silver section acts as a handle! that definitely makes me feel like i'm getting my money's worth.

this product has definitely impressed me and although it's not exactly cheap, i think it is still affordable considering it is a high end brand. i'm already considering purchasing some other colours and perhaps checking out some other products when i'm next in london.

what do you think of this rebrand? have you tried any of their products?


  1. Replies
    1. Isn't it gorgeous! It just glows on the skin!

  2. I got this in my glossy box few months ago :) x

    1. Did you get green as well? I know some people were unhappy at the colours they got :(


  3. The handle things a great idea, but it looks like the whole pencil is really really long. How on earth can you fit it into a makeup bag!?

    1. I have a pretty big makeup bag haha I have to put it in at a strange angle though!


  4. Great color! ;)

    Kisses from Italy



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