Wednesday, 23 May 2012

happy birthday glossy box!

| may glossy box- anniversary box* |
i can't believe it's been a whole year since glossy box first began! how far it's all come! i think we can safely say that there have been ups and downs but i have truly been so impressed by them and love getting a box in the post! what with it being the anniversary box there were high expectations and i am definitely not disappointed! and how lovely of them to give us gifts on their birthday ;) i'm yet to see what anyone else has got in their boxes so i have no comparison.... but here is what i got in mine! 

the box is the traditional glossy box pink but once i opened it i was greeted by the most beautiful tissue paper! its covered in these amazing printed illustrations of all things beauty. (i'm definitely keen on this becoming a permanent thing!)

the first thing that my eyes were drawn to was the hd brows 'brow beater'. i've just run out of my collection (i still want to call it collection 2000!) clear mascara so this is exactly what i needed! it's designed to tame unruly brows whilst conditioning them. and it's full sized so i'm sure it'll last me ages! can't wait to give it a try! next thing i saw was the collection gel eyeliner in black. i'm almost of of my mac one so this is a welcomed addition! i believe this is full sized? but either way i'm super excited, collection is one of my favourite brands at the moment. also included was a shower gel from noble isle, a brand i'm not familiar with, it's a nice size for travelling but the scent is a bit masculine which may not be for everyone. but seeing as i am always using my brothers lynx it is something i'm not worried about! following on from the weleda cleanser from a previous box, this time i got a moisturiser. i wasn't a fan of the cleanser so here's hoping this fairs better! the final product in my box was some perfume samples from lolita. i know alot of people hate getting these in beauty boxes but personally i love it! they're great for chucking in your bag in a hurry and often their ones i would have never thought to try. i'm particularly liking  the green one! lastly my box had a cute little glossy box mirror and a balloon. such a lovely touch! plus a girl can never have too many mirrors ;)

two out of the five products in my box were things i was looking to purchase anyway so for me this box is an absolute win, even if i don't really use the others! so here's to another great year.... happy birthday glossy box!

what did you get in your box?


  1. Aww i hope i get the same box as you, I really want to try the HD brow beater. But everyone else seems to have got lashes instead! I hope i get the HD product though!

    Great review!
    Elle xx

    1. i was so jealous of everyone who got lashes! but i'm dewfinitely enjoying the hd brows product! i'll be doing a review on it soon :) xo

  2. So cute! Looks like a great anniversary box and I love the tissue paper as well!

    1. isn't it adorable! i've kept it because i couldn't bare to throw it away haha xo


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