Thursday, 14 June 2012

bioderma crealine h2o

| bioderma crealine h2o- 2x 500ml €22.90 french phamacy/1x 500ml £10-14 not inc p&p ebay
a few weeks ago now my dad popped over to france on business and i set him a challenge to find me this cleanser! i was pleasantly surprised to find a double pack waiting for me on my bed following his return!

i'd heard amazing things about this cleanser and it was all totally justified! the product has no scent and is so gentle on the skin that it literally feels as though you are cleansing your skin with water. it's great for removing the toughest of make-up, even waterproof mascara.

i do find that often i can dispense too much onto a cotton pad, which can mean that the product can go in my eyes when taking off mascara. so i simply hold another cotton pad up next to it and allow the cleanser to soak onto the dry pad too. that way i can take off all my make-up easily and effectively without wasting product.

i've heard a few people say that they felt they were using up the product too quickly but i haven't found that at all. prehaps i'm just conservative with how much i use? overall i'd say this a definite repurchase and i think i'll have to send papa on a search for some more french products for me! any recommendations?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic product, definitely going to look into buying it!

  2. Wow your dad did good getting that my dad wouldnt know cleanser from cleaning products :p definitely sounds great though!


  3. Absolutely dying to try this product! I have not seen a single negative review on this!


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