Sunday, 3 June 2012

how i grew my nails using nailtiques protein formula!

| nailtiques protein formula 2- 7ml £10.95 beauty bay |

i've alway had pretty skanky nails. thin, flakey and short, you just had to look at them and one would break! i remembered seeing this product on a blog sometime last year so i went on a hunt for it!

i'll be honest when i first started using this i was so disappointed! there didn't seem to be any improvement, it just seemed like an over-glorified base coat. but boy was i wrong! slowly but surely my nails have been getting longer and they haven't broken in over a week! (touch wood!) i tend to wear it alone and it leaves my nails with a nice glossy finish. the box say to apply one coat everyday for a week but it does start to peel off after about 5 days so i tend to remove it and then start again the following day. this product makes the process super easy and it dry pretty fast too so i don't have to spend hours each day applying it!

yes this is pricey but it is truly a wonder product and it's given me the nails i always wanted! as far as i'm concerned no price is too great for that!

what are your nail wonder products?


  1. my mum has this but she doesnt let me use it ha! i shall have to get myself some soon as my nails just keep peeling!

    1. it is the best thing EVER i would recommend it massively. see if you can sneak it away to give it a try.... xo

  2. I use the OPI Nail Envy which works in a similar way to this and I love it... This one is quite a bit cheaper though so I might hunt it done for when mine runs out :)

    Frances xx

    1. i've heard they are similar so i would definitely recommend this as a cheaper alternative. how are you finding the nail envy? xo

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