Monday, 4 June 2012

mua single pearl eyeshadows

| mua single pearl eyeshadows 11,12 (l-r) (but the other way round in top image) - £1 superdrug/online |

can you believe that with all of the mua products i own i had never tried their single eyeshadows?! i have a couple of palettes by them so i know what to expect but these are even better than I could have hoped for!

now i'll admit the shade names confused me... i thought they were both called pearl?! but it turns out that is just the name given to the finish. they also have matt shades available too but i think there is far less choice. so hopefully this is a part of the range that they will expand!

i found that in the pan the shadows looked really glittery and i was absolutely dreading application, fearing big chunks of glitter would be all over my eye but actually the finish is far more of a shimmer and they are lovely and smooth to apply

shade 11 is a beautiful warm toned bronze which i have been using as an everyday all over lid colour. if i want to wear this on a day out to really make the colour pop, i use my elf studio cream eyeshadow in bronzed. it just makes the colour that little bit more intense.

shade 12 really reminds me of one of the shades in the innocence eyeshadow trio. it is a dark shimmery brown with green undertones, making it a truly unforgettable colour! it sort of looks like a mix of a few different shades? it's basically a lazy girls dream! perfect if you don't have a lot of time to get ready before a night out.

the products are buttery soft and apply like a dream, blending really easy with no fall out (as far as i could see anyway!) as for staying power, with my mua primer these lasted a whole school day with minimal fading. my only gripe is that they use numbers instead of shade names but hey, i'll live! so for me these are all round winners!

have you tried these single eyeshadows? how do the matte shades compare to the peal ones?

ps excuse the ridiculous way i have managed to do the pictures above. i really have no idea how i have managed to put the shades different ways round in almost every picture! clearly exams are frying my brain. sorry everyone!


  1. The colours are lovely and very pigmented. x

    1. super pigmented! i can't wait to pick up some more! xo

  2. Really nice! The eyeshadows look really pigmented and I like the colors you chose!

    1. thanks so much. i always find i use browns the most so these colours were perfect! xo

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