Friday, 1 June 2012

radox shower smoothies

| radox shower smoothies in spirit booster- £2.95 boots/£1 poundland |

two exams down and 4 to go! as i have a week off until my next one i thought i better get back to some blogging so here is another pound shop bargain for you.

words cannot explain my love for this shower gel. i had tried the coconut one last year after receiving the sample in a magazine, so when i saw this on the shelves of poundland i was straight in there giving it a sniff! the scent is a mix of pomegranate and elderberries, it is seriously so amazing smelling that i want to eat it! (not advisable though i'm sure)

although a strong scent in the bottle it is far less so on the skin but does leave you with a whiff of it every now and again, which i love! the actual product itself lathers well and is nice and moisturising but to be honest the scent alone would have made me buy this again!

have you picked up any pound shop bargains recently?


  1. Hi Rosie!

    I also like the Radox shower gels :) My latest dollar store bargain is a Burt's Bee sunblock!

    1. no way! i need to get myself down to your dollar store! that's amazing xo

  2. I love these, I used to always steal my Mums to use, they smell so yum! :)
    I picked up all my Sally Hansen polishes for £1 each in poundland!

    1. i've seen the sally hansen polishes! last time i went in they'd run out which makes me super sad so hopefully they'll get more in soon *crosses fingers* xo

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