Tuesday, 31 July 2012

you know you're a blogger when....

i saw this on the gorgeous raquel's blog and i thought it was such a great idea but there were a few things i thought of that i just had to add so here is my list.

you know you're a blogger when...

 ♥ you leave the house with only the nails on one hand painted (your picture hand ;) )

 ♥ you instagram absolutely EVERYTHING

 ♥ you can't use any products without photographing it first

 ♥ you have more lipgloss than is really necessary or sane

 ♥ you give in to every hyped product (blogger hyped that it)

 ♥ you keep all of your empty products in a box in your room (at least until the end of the month... nb this is something non-bloggers will never understand)

 ♥ you meet random people off twitter/the internet without a second thought

 ♥ you countdown the days til a product finally become available in the uk

 ♥ and before it reaches the uk you are willing to pay extortionate prices for it on ebay

anything you think we both missed? 

Monday, 30 July 2012

notd: accessorize festival

| accessorize nail polish in festival* £2.95- superdrug/accessorize |
how gorgeous is this polish from accesssorize?! i've been wearing it non stop this past week, whilst the sunshine lasted anyway. it is so appropriately named and i can tell i'll be wearing it all of my festivals this summer! 

application was okay, a little streaky initially but the finally colour is the perfect muted orange so i could look past it. i just wish these were more widely available. obviously only some stores stock the line and the one i was in today didn't even have any of the new products! but for those of you willing to risk it and try and find some of the new shades (there is an amazing bright pink!) a full list of stockists can be found here.

what's you favourite polish at the moment?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

empties #3

this months empties post features a large selection of mens products simply because my brother has way too many and my ocd about using them up has got the better of me... luckily i do have a few other products in my basket to show you as well!

the good
| john frieda precision foam colour conditioner (actually i finished two of these, my hair just loves it!) | lynx africa (yes i realise this is for boys.... but it smells so good!) | nice'n easy colourseal conditioning gloss | elegant touch classic french nails |

the bad
| lynx cool metal shower gel (not a fan of the scent) | asda honey blossom bath cream | l'occitane lavande hand cream (the scent was way too strong) | ted baker the right tools hair and body wash | pearl drops daily whitening toothpolish (noticed no difference at all when using this) | l'oreal elvive light reflecting serum (i already have pretty shiny hair so to be honest i had no use for this product and it made no difference at all) |


the (possibly) re-purchased
| john frieda precision foam colour conditioner (obviously i have to buy the dye to get these) | nice'n easy colourseal conditioning gloss | elegant touch classic french nails |

what products have you been trying to use up recently?

Friday, 13 July 2012

vivo lipstick

| vivo lipstick* (L-R) coral flair, red red £1.99 - selected tesco stores/online |
vivo is a brand that i was so excited about when it first launched and although i have a few products in my collection i really don't use them as often as i should. i rediscovered these lipsticks this week at the bottom of my draw and decided to try to get a bit of use out of them.

there are nine different shades in the range, from nudes and pinks to brighter colours like the two above. the packaging is really easy to identify, it looks sort of futuristic and the lids are really secure so no chance of them falling off in your bag.

coral flair is the perfect in between shade for someone looking to make the move towards brighter shades, perhaps someone who doesn't wear red lipstick very often. it's a nice addition to my collection as i don't have many orange toned lipsticks. red red is definitely a true red. a very bright shade, perfect for summer. i have read a few reviews in which people have criticised this red shade saying that it may be better for first time red lipstick users

the finish leans somewhere between sheer and pigmented but it is definitely buildable and it leaves a gorgeous glossy sheen on the lips. the formulation is really moisturising and creamy so these are the perfect lip products for when my lips are feeling a little worse for wear. the lipsticks have an amazing vanilla scent which although strong initially fades over time.

the only down side i have is the lasting power. i find i have to reapply them frequently simply because  they seem to slide off my lips after a few hours. but for only £1.99 can i really complain?

have you tried these lipsticks? what is your favourite summer lipstick colour?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

lush lip scrub

| lush bubblegum lip scrub £4.95 - lush |

i held off on buying this for so long! i don't like spending money on things that i can make and a lip scrub s a prime example of this. the only reason i eventually caved was sheer laziness. and the fact that it is pink.... and smells like bubblegum (i'm easily swayed.)

oh my goodness this just smells divine! and it tastes exactly like the pink bubblegum i used to buy from the corner shop when i was little, super sweet and almost a little sickly. try to use this without licking it off at the end... go on i dare you! (and before you ask, it is totally safe to do so! don't worry.)

the scrub is quite abrasive and if you use too much it can make your lips quite sore. saying that, i think i've finally got the knack of how much i need to use each time, so now it is far less harsh on my skin. it easily clears all of the gross flaky dead skin to my lips and leaves them smooth and much prettier looking. that means that i can apply lipstick nicely without it peeling off as the day progresses. the little pot is perfect for chucking in your handbag a using throughout the day as well.

yes this is massively overpriced for what it is (basically flavoured sugar) but i'd imagine the pot would last for ages. i've had mine for a month and barely made a dent in it, even though i never stop using it! i also thought the little glass pot would be great for storing my own home-made lip scrub (f i ever get around to making one!)

this has truly become a holy grail product for me these past few weeks. is it wrong that i want to buy all of the flavours? maybe when i get paid ;)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

accessorize perfume

i'd seen accessorize perfumes in the past. in fact i almost bought myself one back at xmas time as a gift to myself because i loved the scent that much! so it's nice to see them branching out and creating some more fragrances for the range.

now i very rarely review perfume (in fact i think this may be my first) simply because scents are so personal, what i may love you might hate! but when my friends come over and rummage through my make-up and perfume these seem to be what everyone is drawn to at the moment!

| accessorize enchanted perfume* £15- accessorize stores/boots/the perfume shop |

'a sweet fruity floral accord consisting of ripe raspberries, candyfloss, soft jasmin, violet and rose with supporting notes of subtle chocolate mush, vanilla and sandalwood'

this has been my go to day fragrance this past week. it is super sweet and you can definitely smell the raspberry notes in it. i would say that the sweetness makes it more appropriate for summer and whenever i put it on it makes me think of sunshine. the only problem i have with it is that its longevity leaves a lot to be desired but as it's so cheap i don't mind sticking it in my bag and topping up throughout the day.

| accessorize wardrobe collection perfume in passion* £9.99- accessorize stores/selected fragrance retailers |

'a passionate delight of exotic fruits that tantalize the senses with daring flowers that evoke energy
which are harmonized by creamy woods and sensual musks'

this is one of two fragrances in the wardrobe collection (the other being 'charm') which are designed to be worn alone or layered to create a third unique scent! i would say that this perfume is definitely more of an evening scent than the enchanted fragrance. it is slightly less sweet and is a lot more florally fragranced than enchanted. at £9.99 it's an absolute steal and for £20 you can have three different fragrances!

have you tried the accessorize perfumes? what is your favourite fragrance right now?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

mua lip boom

| mua lip booms* (L-R) omg, vibe, lmk (let me know) £3- selected superdrug stores/online |

these were a release from mua a few months ago now but exams prevented me from telling you about them as quickly as i would have liked! but better late than never i always say!

these were created in collaboration with alexandra burke and have been named after some of her favourite sayings, making the shade names really original and quirky! each lip boom is made up of a lipstick at one end and a highlighting gloss on the other end. it is this combination that allows them to be used to create 4 different looks. you could wear the lipstick or gloss alone, both all over the lips together or lastly wear the lipstick and use the gloss to highlight the centre of the lips, making them look really voluminous.

the lipsticks are all matte, which makes them very drying so a good lip balm is a must but the colours are so amazing that i can completely look past it! (how amazing is the pinky coral shade?!) as the lip-glosses are fairly sheer i haven't worn them alone but layered on top of the lipstick they give a gorgeous sheen, perfect for a night out.

there are eight different shades and i've already got my eye on a few more. at £3 they are an absolute steal so really i have no excuse! these are the perfect product to chuck in your bag especially in the festival season as it means you don't have to carry as many things with you. perfect for people like me who are prone to over packing!

have you got any of the lip booms? how do you use yours?

Monday, 9 July 2012

accessorize eyeshadow palettes

| accessorize 'you are everything' eyeshadow palette* £8.95- selected accessorize/superdrug stores |

i've always been intrigued by the accessorize beauty range i'd only tried the blushers previously but when i saw they had expanded the range i couldn't wait to get my hands on some of it.

the new range contains two palettes each containing 32 shadows, one in more neutral everyday shades ('lovely day' palette) and this one with a wide variety of shades for a multitude of looks. ('you are everything' palette)

the shadows are buttery soft and so pigmented! they give little fallout and the staying power is comparable to the mua shadows. for me the stand out shadows are definitely the shimmery shades which  have been using daily, they leave a sheen as oppose to making you look like a glitter ball making them great for day to day wear. what i really love about the palette is that you get a wide variety of colours and each vertical row is made up of four colours which are all complementary to one another  so you can easily create a variety of looks.

what do you think? can they compare to the mua palettes?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

and they say she's in the class a team

| top- topshop | skirt- topshop | sandals- new look | rings- vintage | nails- model's own hedonist| bracelet- delilah dust |
i never thought i could wear crop tops. my stomach is just not quite toned enough to be able to pull them off but when i saw this is topshop last week i knew i had to find a way to wear it! this high waisted skirt is perfect and really flatters slightly curvier figures as it doesn't cling to any wobbly bits. it also means that you only get a little peep of flesh which i think makes it alot more wearable. i just hope we get some proper sunshine so i can actually wear this top over the summer!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

notd: mua shade 5

| mua nail varnish in shade 5* £1- selected superdrugs/online |

how gorgeous is this colour from mua?! i do find the mua polishes can apply a bit streaky and the brushes can get a bit gross before you've even used them. but with a colour like this i'm not really bothered! the picture above is with 3 coats and i really think thats the average amount for any mua polish. as always i wish the polishes had actual names as oppose to numbers but i guess you can't get everything in life ;)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

when i'm sad i....

♥ paint my nails

♥ take a nap

♥ organise my bedroom

♥ see my friends

♥ plan something fun

♥ do some of the tasks i've been putting off

♥ put some things on ebay

♥ eat something i shouldn't

and finally

♥ have a cry

this week has been a bit hard and sometimes i think you just need a reminder of those things that can make you feel a little bit better. 

hope you're all well.

Monday, 2 July 2012

aka blusher

| aka blusher in natural glow* £7- online/selected boutiques |
i've always been a blusher junkie. i own more than is really necessary. so when i saw the aka collection at the launch i was instantly drawn to them. i'll admit when i saw this colour i wasn't really that excited by it. i've always been more into my pink toned blushes. but i am so glad that i got this one as it is the perfect natural shade for days when you want the 'no make-up' make-up look.

the formula of the blush is nothing special but it applies beautifully onto the skin giving a very even sweep of colour which can be easily blended out for a really natural finish. the box says the product gives a 'light sheer glowing colour'. light, yes. glowing, yes. sheer..... oh no! it is highly pigmented and really requires a light hand. saying that i found blending it out did lessen the pigmentation if that is something you really want to do, but i've always preferred heavier blush anyway so for me the added pigmentation is a massive bonus!

the six different shades are very varied so there is a colour for everyone. and i've got my eye on a few of the pink shades (what can i say... i have a problem!) but it is annoying that you can only get them online. but it does mean that you get to experience the joy of a parcel from the postman!

have you tried any aka products? 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

notd: models own hedonist

| models own- hed kandi hedonist £5- boots/online |
from the second i saw the hed kandi collection from models own this was top of my wish list. i own way too many polishes so i tried to resist for as long as i could.... but a few weeks ago i caved! this is easily the most summery polish i own. it is so bright (this picture really doesn't do it justice!) and it just screams beach, bars and sunshine! opaque in 2/3 coats it is truly gorgeous and i am so glad i bought it! model's own polishes have such a lovely formula and i definitely need to add some more to my collection!

what are your favourite summer polishes? any model's own colours to recommend?

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