Monday, 9 July 2012

accessorize eyeshadow palettes

| accessorize 'you are everything' eyeshadow palette* £8.95- selected accessorize/superdrug stores |

i've always been intrigued by the accessorize beauty range i'd only tried the blushers previously but when i saw they had expanded the range i couldn't wait to get my hands on some of it.

the new range contains two palettes each containing 32 shadows, one in more neutral everyday shades ('lovely day' palette) and this one with a wide variety of shades for a multitude of looks. ('you are everything' palette)

the shadows are buttery soft and so pigmented! they give little fallout and the staying power is comparable to the mua shadows. for me the stand out shadows are definitely the shimmery shades which  have been using daily, they leave a sheen as oppose to making you look like a glitter ball making them great for day to day wear. what i really love about the palette is that you get a wide variety of colours and each vertical row is made up of four colours which are all complementary to one another  so you can easily create a variety of looks.

what do you think? can they compare to the mua palettes?


  1. Great bargain considering how many shadows there are :) x

    1. My thoughts exactly! You hardly need any others! Perfect for travelling :) xoxo

  2. Hey! I have the other palette from Accessorize and I think its a good product for the price. I like the range of colours in the this palette and the other palette. They might not be the best shadows but they are good value considering the price is low.

    They are similar to MUA because they are both made by "FB Beauty Ltd". I think there is not much difference between them, but I much prefer the packaging on this palette.

    Here is a link if you want to see my review of the other palette from Accessorize:

    All the best
    Grace x

    1. My thoughts exactly! At the price it really is worth it I think. I think FB Beauty also make 'Vivo'? The company never falls to impress me! Thanks for the link :) xoxo

  3. Those eyeshadows look amazing! Plus the packaging is super cute too! :)

    xx Meghan

    1. Isn't it just! Have you seen the packaging of the other palette? It's amazing! xoxo

  4. This palette looks super amazing! xoxoxo

    1. Have you seen the other one? They are truly beautiful! xoxo

  5. This palette looks amazing! I think I'm going to have to look in my Superdrug for this! xo

    1. They only have them in selected Superdrug stores. But you can pick them up in some Accessorize stores too :) xoxo

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