Wednesday, 4 July 2012

notd: mua shade 5

| mua nail varnish in shade 5* £1- selected superdrugs/online |

how gorgeous is this colour from mua?! i do find the mua polishes can apply a bit streaky and the brushes can get a bit gross before you've even used them. but with a colour like this i'm not really bothered! the picture above is with 3 coats and i really think thats the average amount for any mua polish. as always i wish the polishes had actual names as oppose to numbers but i guess you can't get everything in life ;)


  1. Replies
    1. I thought it would be a nice alternative to Essie's 'Mint Candy Apple' that everyone raves about xoxo

  2. i have this & love it! xx

  3. I used to have this shade and I loved it so much, it's a gorgeous mint colour! Mine went all gloopy so fast though :( I guess at £1 you can't complain!

    Frances xx

    1. Oh no! I hope mine doesn't do that! But like you said, at £1 you can always pick up a new one! xoxo

  4. such a cute shade:) and price like that? Well we can't really expect perfection then. I've never tried MUA products myself, but joined this one giveaway & am following them on twitter now. That's how I got here actually, via their retweet! ^^ I'm glad I did, your blog is really nice! x Satu


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