Friday, 13 July 2012

vivo lipstick

| vivo lipstick* (L-R) coral flair, red red £1.99 - selected tesco stores/online |
vivo is a brand that i was so excited about when it first launched and although i have a few products in my collection i really don't use them as often as i should. i rediscovered these lipsticks this week at the bottom of my draw and decided to try to get a bit of use out of them.

there are nine different shades in the range, from nudes and pinks to brighter colours like the two above. the packaging is really easy to identify, it looks sort of futuristic and the lids are really secure so no chance of them falling off in your bag.

coral flair is the perfect in between shade for someone looking to make the move towards brighter shades, perhaps someone who doesn't wear red lipstick very often. it's a nice addition to my collection as i don't have many orange toned lipsticks. red red is definitely a true red. a very bright shade, perfect for summer. i have read a few reviews in which people have criticised this red shade saying that it may be better for first time red lipstick users

the finish leans somewhere between sheer and pigmented but it is definitely buildable and it leaves a gorgeous glossy sheen on the lips. the formulation is really moisturising and creamy so these are the perfect lip products for when my lips are feeling a little worse for wear. the lipsticks have an amazing vanilla scent which although strong initially fades over time.

the only down side i have is the lasting power. i find i have to reapply them frequently simply because  they seem to slide off my lips after a few hours. but for only £1.99 can i really complain?

have you tried these lipsticks? what is your favourite summer lipstick colour?


  1. These look like pretty decent lipsticks for the price, shame I don't live near a Tescos x

  2. I have Barely There, its a blooming good dupe for MAC Hue!

  3. Coral Flair looks so pretty! Looks like a great color for summer - thanks for sharing! :)

  4. Never heard of this brand, will have to check it out! I especially like the red red :)

    (Following) x

  5. these colors are so amazing! they totally scream SUMMER! :)
    great blog post!

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