Saturday, 25 August 2012

boots expert whitening toothpaste

| boots expert whitening toothpaste £4.07 -boots |

finally a tooth whitening product that actually works and doesn't break the bank! i'd used this when i was about 16 and remembered a friends comment about how white my teeth had been at the time. having tried a few products since that didn't give quite the effect i was looking for i decided to give it another go.

now less face it there isn't really a lot i can say about a toothpaste but this is definitely my favourite i've tried so far. my teeth looked whiter after just one use and they felt really clean and smooth too which is obviously the desired effect. i'm not saying this is a miracle product because nothing will ever whiten your teeth like a professional job but if you want something that isn't going to cost the world and will make you teeth that little step closer to a hollywood smile then this is for you!

do you whiten your teeth? what would you recommend?

Friday, 24 August 2012

accessorize intense colour lipgloss

| accessorize intense colour lip gloss* £3.95- selected superdrug and accessorize stores |

how pretty is this packaging from accessorize?! i'm such a sucker for anything with leopard print so this immediately stuck out to me. i do find the packing to be a little chunky and it does look a little on the cheaper side but it's so pretty i don't even care! it'll definitely be one of those things you either hate with a passion or are completely in love with! luckily i'm definitely the latter!

the lip gloss smells super sweet, very vanilla-y. not a product for those of you who don't like scented lip products! they are non sticky and the initial colour pay off is pretty good for a lip gloss, but i did find that if you spread the product more thinly it gives a slightly more sheer finish. i'm not a fan of the doe foot applicator but that is my usual gripe with cheaper lip glosses, it's not that big of an issue i'd just prefer a nice brush instead.

my lip gloss didn't come with a shade name sticker on it, so i'm afraid we'll have to play guess the shade.... but from the press release i have deciphered that it appears to be either 'incite' or 'zest'. either way it is a lovely orangey shade, great for summer. personally it is one i find hard to wear simply because it brings out the yellow tones in my teeth but my friends have definitely enjoyed borrowing it!

have you tried the accessorize lip glosses? what is your favourite shade?

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

it finally happened...

those of you who have followed my blog for a while will remember last year when i wrote this post. i'd really hit a low point and had no way of dealing with the feelings of disappointment, fear and loneliness so i shared it with all of you. now a year on i come to you with the news i should have had then...


for anyone who doesn't know, last year i failed to make the grade and decided to retake a year of sixth form. it was truly one of the hardest decisions of my life. i know that sounds pathetic but my dependence on my friends left me feeling truly lost without them in a place that i'd only know with them. so i spent the year keeping my head down, working my arse off and trying my best to fit in amongst the swarms of new people and i can safely say to you it was the best decision i ever made.

i'm now leaving secondary school with grades better than i could have ever hoped for, a place at a university i could have only dreamed of getting into last year and one of the best groups of friends i could have only imagined having. i truly am the poster girl for 'sometimes a second chance is all you need.'

reading back that post it's strange to see how different my mentality is only a year ago. i've definitely emerged from it stronger than i ever imagined i could be. things don't effect me now like they used to. when people say horrible things about me i stand strong. when i make mistakes i can put my hands up, accept it and apologise. when i go into a room full of new people, yes i'm scared, but now i know how to deal with it and move past that. i'm truly a changed person, and most definitely for the better. i still have my low days but now i know how to hide them and now i can finally say i am happy being me. and what a nice feeling that is.

it really does make me wonder where i would be now if i had got in to university last year. all of the experiences i would have missed out on at school. all the friends i would have never made. would i be the person i am today? or would my life have taken a completely different direction? who knows? but the one thing i do know is that retaking my year at school was the best thing i could have possibly done and i wouldn't change it for the world.

so to those of you panicking because you didn't make your grades or perhaps didn't get into your top university. stop and breathe. it sucks. it really does. but it gets better. everything happens for a reason and you need to remember that. take some time to truly think about what you are going to do and approach it with all of the enthusiasm and determination you can muster. everything will be okay. take it from some whose been there.

and to those of you who said to me last year 'you're going to be okay.' you were right. and i wish i'd listened to you sooner. it would have saved me a hell of a lot of tears.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation

| rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation £6.99- boots/superdrug |

i've had this foundation once before. a couple of years ago when i was super tanned, and to be honest i didn't think anything of it. but when i was looking for a new foundation at the beginning of the summer this was the closest colour match i could find in any drugstore foundation so i thought i'd give it another go.

this is a most definitely a full coverage foundation but unlike many others it doesn't look thick and cakey. it sits nicely on the skin giving me a decent coverage for my scars and blemishes with only a little concealer needed on top. i have ivory, the lightest shade, so this isn't a foundation for the super pale ladies out there but nowadays there are very few brands who seem to really cater for lighter skin tones (brands take note!) the finish is semi matte so to get the super matte finish i prefer i have to use a powder on top. the finish this gives does mean that it can highlight dry patches on my skin so if you do have dry or combination skin like me then a good moisturiser is essential underneath.

this is definitely my favourite foundation of the moment but its not my perfect fit, that means i'm still on the lookout for my perfect foundation.

i'm looking for something full coverage, preferably more on the matte side (but that's not a massive problem), suitable for dry skin and  price is not an issue. any ideas?

Monday, 20 August 2012

vivo lacquer shine lipgloss

| vivo lacquer shine lipgloss* in fire and heavenly (l-r) £1.99- tesco/online |

i'm completely loving these lipglosses from vivo. they are great for my to chuck in my handbag and wear in the hot weather! the pigmentation is great and they aren't sticky at all, just really glossy, giving the most gorgeous finish. yes the packaging is a little on the chunky side and it does look a little cheap... but for the price point that is to be expected and it doesn't affect the product in anyway so it doesn't bother me! saying that the a major plus point for me has to be the brush applicator, it makes a welcomed change from the usual doe foot applicator that i have come to expect from cheaper lipglosses, it definitely makes application that little bit easier.

of the two shades i have i would say heavenly has to be my favourite. it is the most gorgeous muted raspberry shade that looks perfect alongside my new red hair. fire is a little harder for me to wear simply because the orange brings out the yellow tones in my teeth but in the sunshine in is a great shade to pop on i just have to be careful when i smile! 

there are available in 8 different shades ranging from nudes to super bright reds and pinks. so there is a shade for everyone no matter what the occasion. and at that price you could easily collect them all!

have you tried these lipglosses? which shade is your favourite?

Sunday, 19 August 2012

notd: no7 snowflake & nyc lights, camera, glitter

| no7 snowflake £7- boots | with 'nyc lights, camera, glitter' £2.49- superdrug |
it seems like all of my posts at the moment are nail polish but i am totally loving changing my nails nearly everyday! this combo was one i originally wore to jazz up a simple blue lace dress i bought for a night out and i keep coming back to it.

the white polish was opaque in two coats and was super easy to apply. although a great polish i would never buy it at full price, luckily when i picked this up i had a no7 voucher! (that is definitely the best time to stock up on your no7 goodies!) 

'lights, camera, glitter' has got to be my current favourite glitter polish! i love the mix of the fine glitter and the larger pieces, the colour is also perfect over most of my polishes so i get plenty of use out of it! my only issue... like most glitters it is a bitch to take off!

what's your favourite nail combo at the moment? are you a glitter fan like me?

Sunday, 12 August 2012

notd: models own indian ocean

| models own 'indian ocean' £5- boots|

i resisted buying this for so long but eventually i caved in, i just had to add it to my collection! this is with 3 coats but to achieve full opacity it really needs 4. with a colour this amazing i am willing to put up with the extra effort required so the extra coats aren't a massive negative point. the colour wasn't as bright as i had expected which, although initially disappointing me, gave a lovely understated yet beautiful finish and colour! totally worth every penny! i can see this polish running out pretty quick.

what is your favourite polish right now?

Friday, 10 August 2012

my going out checklist

'but you take forever to get ready!' this is something i hear at least twice a week, usually before a  night out. it seems that people think they have to factor in my getting ready time when we make plans? but truthfully if you give me an hour i will take an hour, if you give me the whole day then i will use that whole day. getting ready is therapeutic to me and i love the process of making myself feel beautiful and ready to face the world.

so here is my typical checklist i follow before a night out... and usually in this order! (time dependant obviously!)

 ♥ have a bath
♥ de-fuzz
 ♥ wash hair
♥ fake tan
♥ face mask
♥ teeth whitening strips
 ♥ paint nails- both toes and hands
♥ pluck/shape eyebrows
 ♥ dry/style hair (usually straighten)
 ♥ pick my outfit
 ♥ do my make-up

what do you do before a night out? what is on your checklist?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

vivo shimmer and shine lipgloss

| vivo shimmer and shine lipgloss in just peachy* £1.99- tesco/online |

this lipgloss is the perfect product for when i want to look like i've made an effort... without actually making one. it is not sticky and has the most amazing fruity scent! the product is quite sheer with a peachy, shimmery tint, that makes it great for everyday wear. it's so easy to maintain and reapply, i don't even bother to use a mirror most of the time! and at less than £2 it truly is a bargain!

what is your favourite no effort make-up product?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

notd: aka candy floss

| aka nail polish in candy floss* £5- online/selected boutiques |

i so very nearly got my nails painted with this colour at the aka launch party but at the last minute opted for a bright blue instead, so i was super excited to get my hands on this bad boy!

i remembered application of the blue polish being initially a bit streaky and to be perfectly honest i felt a bit indifferent about the product, aside from the amazing colour i wasn't expecting alot... but boy was i wrong! the colour needed only 2 coats and application wasn't streaky at all!

i'm beginning to think it may only be the other colour that has application problems? or perhaps it was a dud bottle? i guess i won't know unless i buy some more ;)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

you're too old to be so shy

| crop top- republic | waistcoat- boutique (now closed down) | skirt- topshop | shoes- prmark |
| touristy days out with friends- priceless |

it truly has been one of those weeks and this day out with friends was just what i needed. we went up to london with the intention of visiting all of the olympic tourist bits and bobs but instead we ended up just doing general tourist things and then ended the day in hyde park, visiting cadbury house and seeing josh osho play a set at the bt stage! 

i absolutely loved my outfit so i just had to share it with you. i was having so much fun that i never got the chance to take some proper outfit shots, so i'm afraid these will have to do. the crop top and skirt were new purchases, from only a few days ago, but the waistcoat is something i have had for years and to be honest i don't wear it as much as i should even though i love it! however with the strong breeze in london yesterday it may have worked in my favour to wear shorts....

what is your must have destination in london? 

aka lipstick

| aka lipstick in flirt* £7.50- online/selected boutiques |

i'll be honest red lipstick scares me. the only time you will ever see me wearing it is on stage, and that's because my dance teacher makes me... so when i got this i was unsure i'd ever get round to wearing it. but for some reason recently i've suddenly been feeling so much more confident and decided that i wanted to wear it out on a shopping trip this week.

i absolutely love the packaging! yes the white probably isn't very practical... but it makes it easy to distinguish it in my collection. i find the thinner bullet is really easy to use, perhaps even more so than a traditional lipstick, but i really dislike the fact that once you have wound up the bullet it doesn't wind back down again! something i realised a little too late....

the formula is so creamy and easy to apply, and although i used a lip balm when i wore it i do think you could probably get away without using one. the pigmentation is beyond belief, the picture below was just one light swipe on my arm... but if you want to dull the colour slightly, like i did, you can dab the colour onto the lips so the the colour is less pigmented. the lasting power is good and even whist at lunch i wasn't worrying about it ending up all around my mouth.

i sort of wish this lipstick had a blue undertone as opposed to an orange one but obviously that is just a personal preference for me. other than that i truly cannot fault this lipstick. i truly believe it is worth the £7.50 price tag, in fact that is what i would pay for some drugstore brands nowadays! now i just have to decide which other colours i want to add to my collection...

have you tried aka? what is your go to lipstick at the moment?

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

sleek pout polish

| sleek pout polish in peach perfection £4.49 - superdrug/online |
my work doesn't really allow for super bold make-up and to be honest when you're spending a whole day behind the bar the last thing you want to be worrying about is if you have lipstick on your teeth. that's why i tend to stick to balms.

this has become my go to product for everyday make-up. you can see from the picture that the product is super sheer with a very subtle peachy tint,l so it is quick and easy to apply. the vanilla scent is super yummy but not so over whelming that you feel like you're eating it and i've found that actually the product leaves my lips nice a soft. i wouldn't say it is up there with some of my top lip balms in terms of moisturising, but it definitely does the job, and that's all we need it to do right?

if you're looking for a cheap alternative the mua love heart balms are great (in fact peach perfection is very similar to sweet kiss) but  the colour choice is limited. so if you really want the choice of a wide variety of colours then i'd definitely give the sleek ones a looksie!

have you tried these? any other tinted lip balms to recommend?

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