Saturday, 4 August 2012

aka lipstick

| aka lipstick in flirt* £7.50- online/selected boutiques |

i'll be honest red lipstick scares me. the only time you will ever see me wearing it is on stage, and that's because my dance teacher makes me... so when i got this i was unsure i'd ever get round to wearing it. but for some reason recently i've suddenly been feeling so much more confident and decided that i wanted to wear it out on a shopping trip this week.

i absolutely love the packaging! yes the white probably isn't very practical... but it makes it easy to distinguish it in my collection. i find the thinner bullet is really easy to use, perhaps even more so than a traditional lipstick, but i really dislike the fact that once you have wound up the bullet it doesn't wind back down again! something i realised a little too late....

the formula is so creamy and easy to apply, and although i used a lip balm when i wore it i do think you could probably get away without using one. the pigmentation is beyond belief, the picture below was just one light swipe on my arm... but if you want to dull the colour slightly, like i did, you can dab the colour onto the lips so the the colour is less pigmented. the lasting power is good and even whist at lunch i wasn't worrying about it ending up all around my mouth.

i sort of wish this lipstick had a blue undertone as opposed to an orange one but obviously that is just a personal preference for me. other than that i truly cannot fault this lipstick. i truly believe it is worth the £7.50 price tag, in fact that is what i would pay for some drugstore brands nowadays! now i just have to decide which other colours i want to add to my collection...

have you tried aka? what is your go to lipstick at the moment?


  1. Love the colour, super gorgeous! xoxoxo

    1. the formulation is amazing too! xo

    2. That looks like a stunning colour, just my cup of tea x

  2. Wow the colour and formulation look amazing. It's a great price also :)



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