Saturday, 25 August 2012

boots expert whitening toothpaste

| boots expert whitening toothpaste £4.07 -boots |

finally a tooth whitening product that actually works and doesn't break the bank! i'd used this when i was about 16 and remembered a friends comment about how white my teeth had been at the time. having tried a few products since that didn't give quite the effect i was looking for i decided to give it another go.

now less face it there isn't really a lot i can say about a toothpaste but this is definitely my favourite i've tried so far. my teeth looked whiter after just one use and they felt really clean and smooth too which is obviously the desired effect. i'm not saying this is a miracle product because nothing will ever whiten your teeth like a professional job but if you want something that isn't going to cost the world and will make you teeth that little step closer to a hollywood smile then this is for you!

do you whiten your teeth? what would you recommend?


  1. I use White Glo which is sold in Boots I think it's around the same price as this one and you get a toothbrush with it! It is amazing!



    Em's Mixed Bag

  2. I have learnt not to wet the brush first - apparently it doesnt work as well if you. My teeth have been much whiter since ! x

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I might have to give this a try x

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