Friday, 10 August 2012

my going out checklist

'but you take forever to get ready!' this is something i hear at least twice a week, usually before a  night out. it seems that people think they have to factor in my getting ready time when we make plans? but truthfully if you give me an hour i will take an hour, if you give me the whole day then i will use that whole day. getting ready is therapeutic to me and i love the process of making myself feel beautiful and ready to face the world.

so here is my typical checklist i follow before a night out... and usually in this order! (time dependant obviously!)

 ♥ have a bath
♥ de-fuzz
 ♥ wash hair
♥ fake tan
♥ face mask
♥ teeth whitening strips
 ♥ paint nails- both toes and hands
♥ pluck/shape eyebrows
 ♥ dry/style hair (usually straighten)
 ♥ pick my outfit
 ♥ do my make-up

what do you do before a night out? what is on your checklist?


  1. I usually just do my makeup, as the de-fuzzing will be done! I'm really bad with my hair, so i don't do nothing fancy with them. Maybe i should do more? Checklist is different everytime, depending on what I'm wearing, makeup will be different!

  2. Honestly I hoepfully shower sometime before during the day so all I have to do is makeup and get dressed. Do my hair which is usually down with a headband, in a ponytail, or braid my bangs. I'm not nearly as fussy as you. Maybe I would be if I had the time to. I'm always jumping from one this to the next.

  3. I love getting ready too. It's a lovely way to spend the day. :)

    I usually have a really long bath and then scurb lotion and tan. Then style my hair and finally do my make up. I've usually picked out my outfit the day before :) xx

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