Wednesday, 1 August 2012

sleek pout polish

| sleek pout polish in peach perfection £4.49 - superdrug/online |
my work doesn't really allow for super bold make-up and to be honest when you're spending a whole day behind the bar the last thing you want to be worrying about is if you have lipstick on your teeth. that's why i tend to stick to balms.

this has become my go to product for everyday make-up. you can see from the picture that the product is super sheer with a very subtle peachy tint,l so it is quick and easy to apply. the vanilla scent is super yummy but not so over whelming that you feel like you're eating it and i've found that actually the product leaves my lips nice a soft. i wouldn't say it is up there with some of my top lip balms in terms of moisturising, but it definitely does the job, and that's all we need it to do right?

if you're looking for a cheap alternative the mua love heart balms are great (in fact peach perfection is very similar to sweet kiss) but  the colour choice is limited. so if you really want the choice of a wide variety of colours then i'd definitely give the sleek ones a looksie!

have you tried these? any other tinted lip balms to recommend?


  1. This looks really nice, I love it when cosmetics are vanilla scented XD
    Makeup for Biochemists


    1. me too! somehow it makes me want to buy them ten times more haha xo

  2. I really want to try this, Sleek is one of my favourite brands but they aren't stocked anywhere near me so unfortunately I'm not always able to fulfil my cravings x

    1. how annoying! have you tried getting some online? xo

  3. These look gorgeous, I've never tried them but have heard great things. I use the rose Vaseline if I want to use a lip balm with a hint of colour x
    Sirens and Bells

    1. i love the rose vaseline! it smells amazing! xo

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