Sunday, 30 September 2012

max factor pan stick

i'll admit when i saw this in a friends make-up bag i assumed it was a discontinued product... the packaging seemed too plain and dull, plus i had never heard anyone mention it ever.

i assumed it was a concealer simply because of the shape of it but it turns out it is meant to be stick foundation. i find it to be easier to use it as a concealer because it can be hard easily distributing the product over the entire face. the product is designed for normal/dry skin and as a result is super creamy. it works perfectly on my skin because it doesn't cling to any dry patches and offers an amazing full coverage unlike any other product i have tried! it effectively covers my blemishes and scars helping me cheat my way that little bit closer to beautiful skin. it's staying power is pretty good too. because it is so thick it sits on the skin and when set with powder lasts for absolutely hours! this is an essential item in my make-up bag now, something i use day in, day out. a must have for anyone looking for the perfect product to cover imperfections.

have you heard of the pan stick? what do you use when you need a little more coverage?

Friday, 28 September 2012

elf matt lip colour

| elf matt lip colour in praline, natural, coral and tea rose (l-r) £3.75- online |

i picked these up ages ago in one of elf's massive sales. they were a bit of an impulse buy, i knew next to nothing about them but i was going through a matte lip phase and thought these would be a nice addition to my collection. naturally i had to buy all of the colours available at the time (there is now a further two i believe?)

the products comes in a sort of pen form which can wound up as you use it, but be aware it cannot be wounds back down! (something i found out the hard way!) the sleek black is typical of the elf studio range and i think it makes the product look much more expensive than its price point.

i was concerned these would be really drying but they were surprising comfortable to wear. a few minutes after application i actually forgot i had them on, they just absorb so beautifully into the lips giving a really natural finish. the staying power is amazing and lasts far past what i had expected. the colour's are all very wearable and there isn't one here that i won't wear regularly. all are perfect for an everyday, easy lip. now to collect the other two...

have you tried these? are you a fan of a matte lip?

Thursday, 27 September 2012

sure maximum protection deodorant

| sure maximum protection deodorant in confidence £5.30- boots/superdrug |
this was a product that did the rounds on blogs a few months ago. and you know me... if everyone is talking about it, i have to have it!

you apply this before going to bed and it is meant to create a barrier on the skin preventing you from sweating and keeping you fresh all day long! i'm just going to say it... i sweat (attractive i know) lets face it we all do! so anything i can use to stop that is definitely something i need to own!

i road tested this at both reading and bestival and i can safely say i didn't sweat AT ALL. not one little bit! it was completely amazing! the one issue i do have with this is that if you choose to apply the deodorant in the morning you have to wait for ages to put your underwear/clothes on as it leaves white marks everywhere! these can be easily removed with a wet wipe, but it's just a bit annoying really.

i'm assuming stopping yourself from sweating probably isn't great for you so i don't use this everyday but it is easily my favourite deodorant ever. when i wear it i don't have to even think about checking for sweat patch and the like! i feel so confident when i go out and i truly can't imagine being without this now.

have you tried this product? what is your deodorant of choice right now?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

famous first date blush

| famous first date blush in angelina* £4.99- selected superdrug stores |

i'd tried a few famous products when i was younger so to see the whole brand getting a revamp was very exciting for me!

the packaging of the blusher is sturdy with a massive mirror inside, perfect for those on the go touch ups but the metallic red is slightly tacky.. not a problem for me! but i'm not sure it's something say my mum would necessarily appreciate.

the blusher itself is the most gorgeous dusky pink the perfect summer to autumn transition colour. the formulation is great too, really smooth and easy to apply. the pigmentation is good, not so strong that i look like a clown upon application but the colour is easily buildable. this has become my go to blusher for a quick natural flash of colour and it's under a fiver!

have you tired anything from famous? what is your favourite blusher shade right now?

Monday, 24 September 2012

lee stafford climate control protection spray

| lee stafford climate control protection spray £5.99 -boots |

this handy little bottle was a god send at bestival! the wind on the last day left me looking a little windswept and this was the perfect product for helping me keep everything in place. my hair is naturally very thin so very few hairspray's actually do anything for me, although this wasn't perfect it was one of the better ones. the product held my hair in place initially without it feeling crispy or sticky. i'm saddened to say it didn't last all day and after 3-4 hours my hair needed another spruce up but that is longer than i get from most other styling products. the scent is nice, not your typical hairspray scent but despite this i don't think i'll be repurchasing it. my quest for the perfect hairspray continues!

have you got any hairspray's to recommend? how do you keep your hair in place?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

lush big shampoo

| lush 'big' sea salt shampoo £11.25- lush |

i've not had much experience with lush. the store always overwhelms me a bit but i've always been fascinated by it. i love going in and just smelling everything even though really i have no idea what to buy.

this shampoo was recommended to me buy quite a few people on twitter when i was looking for lush products to try. as someone with really thin, flat hair anything that has big in the name is definitely for me!

i was worried that the salt in this would make my hair really dry but after chatting to the woman in the store i decided to give it a go. before you even use the product you really have to take the time to appreciate how amazing this smells! it truly is wonderful! i needn't have worried about this making my hair dry as the coconut oil in it left my hair really soft, just as if i'd been using my usual shampoo. the product lathers up really easily and the salt washes off with no problems. (i was convinced it would get stuck in my hair and be a nightmare to remove!)  i do find this adds volume to my hair, more so than any other shampoo i've used, but it does require some strategic styling for me to maintain it through the day. (damn you super thin hair!) the pot is going to last me absolutely ages because i'm using so little with each use but when it does run out this is something i will be repurchasing!

have tried any of the shampoos from lush? what do you use to give your hair extra volume?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

qvs eyelash curler

| qvs eyelash curler £4.05- superdrug |

i somehow managed to loose my eyelash curler last month which resulted in a panic buy of the nicest looking (/most reasonably priced) one i could find in superdrug.

the curler is a fairly oval shape which doesn't quite fit my eye shape. it captures most lashes but leaves the ones right in the edges so i have to do a bit of manoeuvring with each use. my eyelashes are so straight that before i use these they are basically invisible. i use this on the base of my lashes and then move further up to the middle of the lashes then the tips. they give a pretty good curl and leave my lashes looking far better and my eyes far more open and awake. it is definitely one of those items you think you don't really need but once you have one, you can't imagine life without it!

what eyelash curler do you use? or are you lucky enough to not need one?

Thursday, 20 September 2012

mua pro plumping lip glosses

| mua pro plumping lip glosses* in pin up pink, pink sugar, nude and shocking pink (L-R) £2- selected superdrugs/online |

so you've all got it by now... i love mua! but at those prices why should i not own the entire range! these lipglosses are another gem in the range. they're non-sticky, super pigmented and come in a wide range of colours (eight to be exact!) they contain a plumping agent designed to make your lips appear just that little bit fuller but i'm always a bit dubious as to weather this is actually the case or just a placebo? in any case they are a  great product and a complete steal at only £2!

have you tried these lipglosses? how do you feel about lip plumping products?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

crest classic whitening strips

| crest classic whitening strips- ebay |

the crest whitening strips are something that is raved about continually in the blogging community. many a person claim that they have given them near perfect teeth and with all the hype surrounding them it was inevitable that eventually i'd have to get some. you can't get this in the uk right now so i had to get mine off ebay. i used a uk seller and was pleasantly surprised to find a weeks worth came in at under £10. 

you are meant to wear the strips for 30mins each day which quite frankly i often forget to do. the 2hr express strips are probably more suited to me in this sense simply because you use them as and when you need to. the strips are pretty easy to use but i did find them to be a bit uncomfortable but not so much that it really interfered with anything i was doing. i had heard horror stories about how these were awful for people with sensitive teeth and left people in quite alot of pain but if i'm honest i felt nothing... and usual my teeth are pretty bad. the colour change they made to my teeth wasn't substantial. the colour was slightly improved but not enough for me to warrant paying what i did. i understand i'm not going to get the same appearance that you would from professional whitening, i'm not expecting miracles! but i did expect a greater shade change than i saw.

i don't think i would buy these again simply because they didn't make enough of a difference. perhaps in conjunction with the 2hr express strips the change would be more visible? i think those will be my next step in my quest for the perfect smile. don't worry i'll report back!

what do you use to whiten your teeth? any top tips?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

aka lip gloss

| aka lip gloss in sumptuous* £7-  online/selected boutiques |

this a lip gloss i've had knocking around in my collection for a while now but i just never really got around to wearing. as the weather is starting to cool a bit my mind is heading towards autumn/winter and this beautiful berry shade seemed perfect to help me transition.

the packaging of aka products is fairly unique in that all are white instead of the standard black we have come to see from most brands nowadays. it makes any products from the range really easy to find in my make-up bag but the white does show the dirt like crazy!

the applicator is the typical doe foot, not awful but not my preferred choice. a little brush would be much nicer but what can you do? it still applies the product, right? 

sumptuous is a beautiful berry pink/red shade with blue shimmery undertones (perfect for making your teeth appear whiter!) it's really pigmented so can be easily worn alone, or on top of a lipstick to give it even more impact. the formulation is non sticky and gives the perfect glossy finish. with 5 other shades in the collection i can definitely see myself owning them all.

have you heard of aka? what products are you looking forward to wearing this autumn/winter?

Monday, 17 September 2012

hd brows brow beater

| hd brows brow beater* £14.95  |

this product was one i received in the anniversary glossy box a few months ago now and it couldn't have come at a better time. i'd just thrown away my clear mascara i'd been using as a setting gel (it had gone a bit gross) and i was about to purchase a new one. 

clearly the brow beater is a lot more luxurious than the £1 clear mascara i was planning on picking up. it is designed to set your brows into the desired position whilst also conditioning them. truthfully i would never pay full price for this. i mean really almost £15 seems ridiculous when i can get something to do almost the same thing for £1. however that doesn't mean i don't love it! i've been really enjoying using it as part of my everyday make up and it does do what it says on the tin. but i won't be picking this up any time soon. perhaps when i'm no longer a broke student? (a girl can dream right?)

have you tried any hd brows products? what do you use to set your eyebrows?

Sunday, 16 September 2012

mua pressed powder

| mua pressed powder £1- selected superdrug stores/online |

i hate taking my nice make-up with me to festivals. chances are i'll make the intelligent decision to touch up my make-up at 2am after a few too many ciders and ruin it. that or simply loose it. so i took it upon myself to go and pick up a few essential items i could use as replacements whilst i was away at reading and bestival this year. it is times like this that mua come to my rescue! at only £1 this powder was hardly breaking the bank and is actually one i will be repurchasing.

the product doesn't feel chalky and effectively covers any shininess. but what i really loved about it is that the powder actually offers a decent coverage without appearing or feeling heavy on the skin. the lasting power on it is pretty good, as far as everyday wear goes, but under the strain of a festival day i found i did need to reapply occasionally, something that didn't really bother me too much considering the price point. with only a few shades (3 i think?) there may not be one for everyone, but luckily for me the colour match was good and it blends seamlessly into the rest of my make-up. 

as usual i'm pressed by mua. infact i would go so far as to say this is one of my favourite pressed powders i've ever tried. a definite repurchase

are you an mua fan? what is your go to powder?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

mua going for gold palette

| mua going for gold eyeshadow palette* £4- selected superdrug stores/online |
so the olympics may be over but olympic spirit is still alive and well in the uk right now it would seem. this palette from mua is a great way to inject a bit of that olympic excitement into your make-up.

when i first heard that mua were bringing out a product for london 2012 i was expecting something in the typical olympic colours (yellow, blue, red etc) but i was pleasantly surprised to hear they had decided to do something different. the palette is a selection of gold and silver shades. the main difference between this palette and those we are used to seeing from mua is that the shadows are in square pans! you may have also noticed that you only have 10 colours instead of the usual 12 but you do get more of each shade.

all of the shades are shimmery, as would really be expected, so if your a matte fan then this really isn't for you. the selection of gold shades is good and when i use it i really find myself leaning towards shades 1,3 and 7 because they are more on the brown spectrum whereas shades 5 and 8 are too orange for me but would work really well on blue eyes i should think. as usual the pigmentation and formulation cannot be faulted, something i have come to expect from mua.

overall i would say this this is another great palette from mua. not my favourite, but it has a nice selection of shades and i'm loving the new square pans!

are you sad the olympics are over? what were your favourite olympic beauty products?

Friday, 14 September 2012

notd: essie cute as a button

| essie 'cute as a button' £7.99- boots |

i've got to start off with an apology. i've been a little awol from the blog this past month but i've been having a few personal problems/seeing friends/preparing for uni, all of which left me either not wanting to or with not enough time to really put in the effort i like to. i can't promise i'll be back fully as i start university in just over a week but i'm really going to try my best! now that's out of the way lets return to our usual programming.

to be quite perfectly honest when i go to the essie stand at my local boots not many of the colours seem to jump out at me. i'm not really sure why? but when i saw 'cute as a button' i HAD to make it mine!

the second picture is truer to the real colour whereas the first picture more effectively shows the finish. it is the most gorgeous coral pink hybrid. it was barely off my nails all summer and is probably the only polish i have found that last on my nails for more than a few days! the application is really easy and you only really need one coat but i always apply two anyway (i just can't help myself!) the formula really makes me want to buy some more essie polishes but i'm still looking for some more to really call out to me!

have you got 'cute as a button'? any essie polishes to recommend?

Sunday, 2 September 2012

empties #4

lots and lots of things to show you this month! i've been powering my way through things like there is no tomorrow simply because i'm off to uni soon and i won't be able to take everything with me so i'm trying to use up all of my half finished bits and bobs in my drawers. so with that here is this months progress...

the good
| ted baker invigorating body scrub (bizarre colour which dyed my legs but it was nice and coarse!) | lauren's way self tanning bronzing mousse* (my favourite tan!) | cherry batiste dry shampoo* | witch anti blemish liquid concealer | collection 2000 luscious lashes natural length | nice'n easy semi-permanent hair dye in dark brown (dyed a friends hair the other day!) | nice'n easy colourseal conditioning gloss | rock and rose valantino perfume (the empty bottle got confiscated in hyde park so i'm afraid it's not in the picture!) | montagne jeunesse totally berry face mask (it did make some of my towels go purple though!) | schwarzkopf permanent hair dye in intense red (my current hair colour) | royal jelly body scrub |

the bad
| vo5 ultimate hold weather resistant hairspray (did nothing for my hair at all) | next detail cleansing hair and body wash | umbro ice shower gel | angel brown liquid eyeliner | homemade lipbalm (i used to love this but it's gone all gross so i have to chuck it out) | m&s coconut hand and body lotion !


the (possibly) re-purchased
| lauren's way self tanning bronzing mousse* | cherry batiste dry shampoo* | witch anti blemish liquid concealer | collection 2000 luscious lashes natural length | rock and rose valantino perfume | nice'n easy colourseal conditioning gloss | montagne jeunesse totally berry face mask | schwarzkopf permanent hair dye in intense red |

in fact four of this months 'possibly repurchased' have already been repurchased! and another two i have been searching for in every boots etc i've been in for weeks! so i would say this month has been most successful!

what products have you been trying to use up recently?

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