Wednesday, 19 September 2012

crest classic whitening strips

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the crest whitening strips are something that is raved about continually in the blogging community. many a person claim that they have given them near perfect teeth and with all the hype surrounding them it was inevitable that eventually i'd have to get some. you can't get this in the uk right now so i had to get mine off ebay. i used a uk seller and was pleasantly surprised to find a weeks worth came in at under £10. 

you are meant to wear the strips for 30mins each day which quite frankly i often forget to do. the 2hr express strips are probably more suited to me in this sense simply because you use them as and when you need to. the strips are pretty easy to use but i did find them to be a bit uncomfortable but not so much that it really interfered with anything i was doing. i had heard horror stories about how these were awful for people with sensitive teeth and left people in quite alot of pain but if i'm honest i felt nothing... and usual my teeth are pretty bad. the colour change they made to my teeth wasn't substantial. the colour was slightly improved but not enough for me to warrant paying what i did. i understand i'm not going to get the same appearance that you would from professional whitening, i'm not expecting miracles! but i did expect a greater shade change than i saw.

i don't think i would buy these again simply because they didn't make enough of a difference. perhaps in conjunction with the 2hr express strips the change would be more visible? i think those will be my next step in my quest for the perfect smile. don't worry i'll report back!

what do you use to whiten your teeth? any top tips?


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