Monday, 24 September 2012

lee stafford climate control protection spray

| lee stafford climate control protection spray £5.99 -boots |

this handy little bottle was a god send at bestival! the wind on the last day left me looking a little windswept and this was the perfect product for helping me keep everything in place. my hair is naturally very thin so very few hairspray's actually do anything for me, although this wasn't perfect it was one of the better ones. the product held my hair in place initially without it feeling crispy or sticky. i'm saddened to say it didn't last all day and after 3-4 hours my hair needed another spruce up but that is longer than i get from most other styling products. the scent is nice, not your typical hairspray scent but despite this i don't think i'll be repurchasing it. my quest for the perfect hairspray continues!

have you got any hairspray's to recommend? how do you keep your hair in place?


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