Sunday, 23 September 2012

lush big shampoo

| lush 'big' sea salt shampoo £11.25- lush |

i've not had much experience with lush. the store always overwhelms me a bit but i've always been fascinated by it. i love going in and just smelling everything even though really i have no idea what to buy.

this shampoo was recommended to me buy quite a few people on twitter when i was looking for lush products to try. as someone with really thin, flat hair anything that has big in the name is definitely for me!

i was worried that the salt in this would make my hair really dry but after chatting to the woman in the store i decided to give it a go. before you even use the product you really have to take the time to appreciate how amazing this smells! it truly is wonderful! i needn't have worried about this making my hair dry as the coconut oil in it left my hair really soft, just as if i'd been using my usual shampoo. the product lathers up really easily and the salt washes off with no problems. (i was convinced it would get stuck in my hair and be a nightmare to remove!)  i do find this adds volume to my hair, more so than any other shampoo i've used, but it does require some strategic styling for me to maintain it through the day. (damn you super thin hair!) the pot is going to last me absolutely ages because i'm using so little with each use but when it does run out this is something i will be repurchasing!

have tried any of the shampoos from lush? what do you use to give your hair extra volume?


  1. I've wanted to try this for ages! Might give it a whirl next time I'm in a Lush. I just use a mousse to give my hair a bit of volume at the roots as my hair is thin but I have lots of it and it's long so weighs my roots down! xx


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