Thursday, 27 September 2012

sure maximum protection deodorant

| sure maximum protection deodorant in confidence £5.30- boots/superdrug |
this was a product that did the rounds on blogs a few months ago. and you know me... if everyone is talking about it, i have to have it!

you apply this before going to bed and it is meant to create a barrier on the skin preventing you from sweating and keeping you fresh all day long! i'm just going to say it... i sweat (attractive i know) lets face it we all do! so anything i can use to stop that is definitely something i need to own!

i road tested this at both reading and bestival and i can safely say i didn't sweat AT ALL. not one little bit! it was completely amazing! the one issue i do have with this is that if you choose to apply the deodorant in the morning you have to wait for ages to put your underwear/clothes on as it leaves white marks everywhere! these can be easily removed with a wet wipe, but it's just a bit annoying really.

i'm assuming stopping yourself from sweating probably isn't great for you so i don't use this everyday but it is easily my favourite deodorant ever. when i wear it i don't have to even think about checking for sweat patch and the like! i feel so confident when i go out and i truly can't imagine being without this now.

have you tried this product? what is your deodorant of choice right now?


  1. I love the deodorant but I prefer the non scented one x


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