Saturday, 6 October 2012

nyc 16hr lipstain

| nyc smooch proof 16hr lipstain in persistant pink and berry long time (l-r) £3.99 -superdrug |

when i'm in my dance classes i don't like to wear much make-up simply because you're exercising and you want your skin to breathe. so rather than layering on foundation i like to put on a lip stain, it lasts the whole class and is super low maintanence.

the main drawing point for these was that they claim to last for 16hrs and i'm going to start off by saying that sadly that isn't true. i mean i didn't try to wear them for 16hrs but i found after 3-4hrs they had faded to next to nothing. saying that the colours are absolutely gorgeous. the red shade looks amazing alongside my new red hair. i've been wearing it more than is truly necessary. i find the pink is slightly less wearable as it is quite light but for daytime with fairly simple make-up it goes down a treat! as one of the cheapest lipstains on the market i have to say i'm impressed, it's not without faults but it does the job, what else could i really ask want for less than £4?

are you a fan of lip stains? what do you think of nyc?


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