Monday, 15 October 2012

towie love addict perfume

| towie love addict perfume* 30ml £12.99, 100ml £18.49- the fragrance shop/boots |

i can be a bit of a snob when it comes to celebrity perfumes and i can safely say when i heard that towie had released a fragrance i wasn't really expecting alot...

i love the dark purple bottle but i would prefer a transparent finish as oppose to the metallic one, but that's just a personal choice. the clear gem top and ribbon are a great touch, i mean who doesn't love a bit of leopard print?! its super glitzy and girly. exactly what you would expect from the towie ladies! 

despite the fact i've reviewed a few fragrances on here now i'm still not getting much better at it i'm afraid and i think that it's hard to get an idea of a fragrance without actually smelling it anyway. but to give you some idea the fragrance is florally but not too sweet, you can definitely sweet the more woody top notes. i find that it is these woody, oriental notes that make it more of an evening scent, perfect for a night out. 


  1. im not the biggest towie fan.. in fact im not a fan at all :(

    but i do like the bottle :)


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