Wednesday, 19 December 2012

mua undressed palette

| mua undressed eyeshadow palette* £4- selected superdrug stores/online |

if i had to choose one palette to take with me to a desert island (why this would happen i have no clue...) this would be my instant choice. when it was first released immediately people were making comparisons with the urban decay naked palette, but it's hard not to! this really is the budget alternative. the shades are near enough identical and the names are pretty similar too! (an excellent idea. nice one mua!) the annoying thing is.... i think i actually prefer this palette to my naked one... it is simply that i find this one easier to work with. the fall out is less and i don't worry about pressing too hard or running out of a shade because it only costs £4 to replace it, compared with the  £36 odd i spent on the urban decay palette! a perfect stocking filler for any beauty lover, or someone new to make-up.

have you got the undressed palette? how do you think it compares to the naked palette?


  1. I don't have this palette but have heard so much about it! I already have a UD Naked palette and 2 so not sure if this would be worth getting... It is only £4 though... LOL! xx

  2. I'm not sure why it would happen.. but it could! :P I'm a sleek paletter fan but have a number of mua single shadows, seeing this makes me thing I should grab a palette instead of the individuals though because there is not a colour here that I wouldn't use.

    abby xx |


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