Sunday, 30 December 2012

my 2012 highlights

2012 has been an amazing year for me. obviously there have been highs and lows but the highs have definitely outweighed those lesser moments. i thought it might be nice if i shared with you those moments that have made me so happy outside of blogging, the things that happen behind the scenes, so you can relive all those amazing times with me as we move into the new year....


finding my place at school and making some of the most amazing friends i could have ever asked for. they made retaking the year so much easier, to the point where i forgot i was even retaking.


visiting my friend emma at loughborough and attending her hockey social.... yes i am dressed as a turtle. it was this trip that made me sure that loughborough was the place for me.


going to my first brownie camp as a leader. it rained a ridiculous amount and obviously i can't show you any of the cute pictures of my lovely little brownies but it was the best weekend, full of so many fun activities. as you can see i got well involved!


enjoying the sunshine at our easter egg hunt and picnic had to be a definite highlight. particularly one of the boys having to climb into the stream to recover a lost creme egg!


finally leaving school. it may have taken an extra year but i finally walked out the gates of my secondary school for the last time knowing i would never be going back.


for sarah's birthday we both took a trip down to rye to explore the old town and visit the beach to take lots and lots of pictures. it was the nicest way to spend her 18th and i have so many pictures to remember the day by!

having been with my company for about 11 years doing my final show was definitely going to be an emotional one. i was in more numbers than i've ever been before and my musical theatre solo piece was definitely my most difficult so the level of stress i was really that day was like nothing i have ever known but i loved every second of it and even went back as a guest performer in october for one of their shows.


watching my friend jess carry the olympic torch was definitely an emotional one. she does the brownies with me amongst a million other things and she is truly one of the most inspirational people i know. i really count myself lucky to have ever met someone as amazing as her and watching her be recognised for all of the amazing things she has done made me so happy. to top off the whole day she even let me hold her torch afterwards!


celebrating the olympics up in london by visiting hyde park with some friends. we spent 2hrs queuing for the cadbury house but it was so worth it and as we were leaving we even managed to catch josh osho playing his set in the sunshine. one of my favourite memories from the summer.

i've been to reading festival for the past three years now but this year was on a much bigger scale than the previous. i was camped with a group of around 15-20 people and we decided to camp right in the centre of yellow camp and had the best time ever. lots of alcohol was  consumed and lots of amazing memories were made, stories that to this day we still laugh hysterically about.


this was the first year i've been to bestival and it's already secured its place as my favourite festival. there are so many things to do and so many different kinds of music. literally something for everyone and you will never ever complain you are bored.

of course getting into uni had to be one of my top moments but i'm afraid i don't have a picture for that... but i do have hundreds of pictures for freshers! the whole of freshers fortnight was absolutely amazing, but the best night of all being when we won the sing-off. nothing will compare to the amount of pride we all felt that evening, or the amount of alcohol we consumed in celebration!

the freshers ball was the perfect way to bring freshers fortnight to a close. we all got dressed upo and ventured to the union where there were funfair rides, street performers, dj's, food stands and the uni somehow managed to blag jls to perform.... we didn't get back to flat until gone 6am. the sign of a great night out.


joining cheerleading is one of the most amazing things ive done. i've made so many great friends, learnt a new skill, improved my fitness and flexibility, all whilst having the best time ever. it is definitely my kind of sport and something i'm going to stay involved with every year i'm at uni!


my 20th birthday. i may have been on crutches but my night out with my friends was no less crazy than usual. with the addition of birthday challenges i had to complete on the night out i have to say it may be one of my favourite nights out so far.

at midnight in the middle of november i was driven blindfolded and left the other side of liverpool for lost 2012. it was fun for the first 12 hours but as midday approached it was definitely less so as we still hadn't managed to leave liverpool. arriving home was a relief and although i probably wouldn't do it again i am so proud of myself for doing it in the first place.


joining stage society and being part of rent is one of my big highlights of first term, i've made some of the most amazing friends and had the opportunity to be part of one of my favourite musicals. so many tears were shed at the end of this but it's not long til the next one. i'm sure it'll make next years highlights too.


winter ball at the national space centre had to make the list. getting drunk next to rockets? what's not to love! 

finally xmas with the family. i love uni but it was nice to come home and spend some time with my mum, dad and friends back home, even if i have spent most of it on crutches. i've had time to reflect on all the things i've learnt this past term and think to next term and all the things i want to achieve. now i'm super excited to get back to loughborough and see all the people i've grown so fond of and make some more amazing memories.

what were your best moments this year?


  1. Love this post, Actually gutted I didn't get to see you in RENT, but the next one I am there,in the front row, waving a banner. Lots of love tara xxx

  2. i love you rosie :) retaking with you was the best thing that ever happened xxxx

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