Monday, 31 December 2012

new years resolutions #2

it's that time of year again! when i make a load of scary looking promises to myself for the next 12 months which i will inevitably fail in the first two weeks. i decided last year to try and limit myself. by that i mean rather than making thousand massive resolutions that i stand no chance of completing, i tried to make a few more specific challenges that i could really focus my efforts on.

so did i actually complete last years resolutions?

1. go to university  
it finally happened!

2. loose 1 stone 
i lost a bit of weight but nothing compared to what i've put on!

3. donate some time to charity
some of my best moments of the year

4. clear out my bedroom
cleared through everything.... just need to get rid of it all now!

5. save £1000
i saved it... but then i spent it... so lets try and save it again maybe? :)

so really i did pretty well. much better than i expected! which really puts pressure on me for this year... so what have i decided my goals are for 2013?

1. loose 1&1/2 stone

2. exercise regularly

3. learn to do the splits

4. create a budget and stick to it

5. save £1000

6. achieve a 2.1 in my first year at university

as you can see again some of them are on my day zero project list but they are simply challenges from the list that i want to attempt to complete this year. so now it's onwards into 2013 with as much enthusiasm and determination as i can muster.

happy new year to you all and may 2013 bring you heath, happiness and success that each and everyone of you deserve :)


  1. Well done and good luck for the 2013 ones :) x

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