Sunday, 23 December 2012

pretty thrifty xmas wrapping

this post was meant to be up yesterday but like an absolute idiot i manage to break my ankle again.... nice one rosie. but better late than never right? so if you are more organised than me you'll have already bought all of your xmas presents for everyone and be getting down to the job of wrapping them all up to pop under the tree. i always really struggle with the idea of paying for wrapping around xmas and birthdays. it seems like such an unnecessary additional cost. i always think that money would be better spent on more gifts for people or the like. so i have made it my goal to make my gifts look pretty without spending a penny. here are some of my favourite ideas.

-wrapping paper
  • newspaper- black and white newspaper can make a really pretty alternative wrapping paper. it's a bit hard to find bits without massive images or strange/depressing sounding headlines, but when you find some great pieces its totally worth the wait.
  • fabric- i always have so much left over fabric laying around and if you find some pretty pieces handing around you can fold them around your presents to create a little bundle and then secure with a ribbon or simply cut to allow you to tie the fabric into a bow.
- beauty boxes are a great size for little gift boxes. i tend to find my gifts don't always fit into them perfectly so i don't always use the lid and instead make a sort of hamper, wrapping it in cellophane and having items spilling out the top. you can even use the shredded paper they come with to bulk them out a bit and make them look nicer.

- gift tags are such an easy thing to make and yet can be so expensive in stores!
  • cut up old cards- i'm such a hoarder and keep all of my cards from the previous year, so rather then letting them clog up my bedroom or end up in the bin. i just cut off the half that has been written on leaving the front of the card; then i can write on the back of them and either directly stick them on, or hole-punch them and attach some ribbon.
  • make parcel tags- these give a really nice vintage twist to a present and i find they look really pretty paired with a gift wrapped in newspaper. all you need is some card and some ribbon/string to attach to the present. i found a sort of stencil online and then draw around it to get the shape perfect! then you just use a hole-punch to make a small hole and thread through some string/ribbon. 
then you can just finish the wrapping off with a ribbon round it and a sprig of holly from the garden to give it that final touch! easy peasy and super cheap :)

how are you wrapping your presents this year? 


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