Sunday, 16 December 2012

what i've learnt from uni so far: fresher term 1

♥ making new friends can be scary at first but so worth it in the end
♥ it really doesn't matter what people think of you
♥ knowing how to cook and use a washing machine is really helpful
♥ eating only super noodles for a week may seem like a great idea at the time. but you will regret it.
♥ joining a society or sports club is the best thing you will ever do
♥ try everything. because most only offer it for free in the first few weeks and then it's too late.
♥ get to know everyone you can. knowing people is the most useful thing ever when you loose your friends on a night out.
♥ finding a house for next year is super stressful. but don't let it get you down.
♥ it's okay to get upset and sometimes people won't understand why but just have a good cry and then throw yourself back in again.
♥ sometimes you just need me time and that's okay. just don't expect it to happen too often.
♥ learn to take a joke because without a sense of humour the uni 'banter' will kill you
♥ when you go home for a weekend you will feel beyond lost without everyone. but don't worry it's only temporary.
♥ yes first year doesn't count... but at least try to do some work. otherwise when exams/coursework come around you will become the most moody and stressed person EVER


♥ don't spend all your money in freshers week (or fresher's fortnight in my case) you'll regret it when you are living off toast in week 11


  1. .. i did the super noodle thing too. except mine was sainsburys basic noodles. 11p. boom xxxxxxx ps. that picture of you is HOT.

  2. haha love this... i graduated now but this made me think back to my first year! good memories.. lol


  3. This post reminds me of my freshers three years ago! I lived on noodles ALOT, wasnt the best idea but never mind lol. Great post! x

  4. Aww, I'm so envious of you, reading this! I miss my uni days so much, and the first year was definitely the best, had so much fun! Hope you enjoy the second half :)
    Mel x

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