Thursday, 26 January 2012

collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer

having blogged about the foundation of the same name recently i thought i should really get around to blogging about this product, seeing as it is so raved about by everyone!

| collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer £4.19- boots/superdrug |

if a product is getting a lot of coverage in the blogging world it tends to be something that goes straight onto my shopping list. i trust bloggers, they know products almost as well as the brands themselves. so when i saw everyone and their mother talking about this concealer i know i had to have it!

the packaging is sleek and simple, the perfect size to chuck in your bag for application on the go. but as many other people have said the writing on that packaging rubs off in a matter of weeks through general wear and tear, which is a little annoying to be perfectly honest but it isn't the be all and end all of the world. the applicator isn't the most hygenic thing in the world so i tend to dab around belemishes rather than onto them and then blend with my fingers.

the product itself is soft and creamy without being really thick. that makes it super easy to blend, infact it blends so well that often i wear it without foundation. the finish isn't cakey and gives enough coverage for both blemishes and my super awful dark circles that seem to grow daily. does it reall last for 16 hours as it claims to do? i've never worn it for that long so i can't comment on that really but when i do go out it stays put!

this is definitely a staple in my make-up bag. it is one of a few concealers i use and one i could never be without. it's an absolute steal for the price. so much so that i've purchased it in both light and medium to take me through the seasons.

have you tried this concealer? what's your favourite at the moment?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

notd: models own- concrete mixer + beautyuk- matte top coat

| model's own in concrete mixer £5- boots |

can you believe i had never owned a model's own nail polish until a few weeks ago?! my local boots and superdrug have both had a massive makeover which has lead to a model' own stand appearing from out of nowhere! i own almost every barry m nail polish so it's nice to see another brand that can satisfy my polish addiction.

this colour is one i'd been looking for for ages! it's the most gorgeous mid toned grey shade, perfect if you're looking for a more neutral polish that doesn't go down the traditional baby pink route. i've been wearing this to school all the time because it goes with absolutely everything and it lasts for a good few days without a top coat. excellent when i don't really have much time to switch up colours!

| beautyuk matte top coat £2.99- superdrug |

i don't own a single matte nail polish so when i saw this on the stands in superdrug it was a must have buy, especially at the purse-friendly price of £2.99. if i'm honest i wasn't expecting it to work.... not to the full extent that a completely matte polish does anyway, but boy was i wrong!

this picture doesn't show you the full extent of how amazing this polish is. the tone of the polish didnt change at all and it gave an entirely matte finish in one coat. it makes an amazing top coat and although it only last chip free for a few days max, i still think the finish is totally worth that extra effort.

are you a fan of matte nails? are there any other model's own colours you think i should pick up?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

i'm on youtube!

if you follow me on twitter you'll know that i am friends with a few youtubers, one of which is my lovely friend titus. a while ago now we filmed a few videos together when he was over at my house, which he has recently uploaded.

so for those of you who were wondering what i sound/look like in 'real life'. here you are.....

dont forget to subscribe to titus if you don't already!

ps exams finish tomorrow and then blogging will return to normal. i might even getting around to uploading something onto youtube..... we'll see!

Monday, 23 January 2012

clearout challenge: the desk

the clearout challenge is nearing it's end and with exams having there was no better time to organise it than now! a clear desk makes for a clear mind (i like to think so anyway) so before i attempt to do any work in a space i have to make sure it is free of rubbish and everything is fully organised. it also works as an amazing procrastination exercise......



as you can see this is a MASSIVE improvement from before. my desk had become a bit of a dumping ground for my old school folders and notebooks amongst other things. so the main thing i had to do her was put bits into storage and dispose of the useless.

here is how i did it.....

♥ i started by clearing everything from on/around the desk onto the floor. that way i was starting with a blank canvas.

♥ i began placing things that i knew i would definitely want/need on the desk and organising them into how i would eventually like it to look.

♥ all of the items that needed to go into storage have been split up into groups and then stored in large hampers, which now live under my bed.

♥ i made sure to go through all of my papers/old magazines/old programmes and get rid of everything that was either useless or too old and gross to keep.

this was probably my most straight forward area to clean so far but definitely the most time consuming!

i'm almost finished now and hopefully i'll be able to finally have everything cleared out by the end of february. exams have definitely been slowing the process!

have you been taking part in the clearout challenge? how are you doing?

Sunday, 22 January 2012

how i redesigned my blog

tonights #bbloggers chat was all about html and layout. something that is hugely important nowdays for bloggers.

i'm a firm believer that a pretty blog design really will make you blog that much more popular. lets face it we're all shallow i know i for one am ten thousand times more likely to press that follow button if it looks like someone has really spent time and effort making their page look nice and individual. no one wants to follow 10 blogs that all look exactly the same

this is why just after xmas i decided to devote a whole day to finally giving my blog a much needed make-over and making it look a little bit more..... well me! as i am hopeless with html i had to search the net for tutorials and resources to help me. so i thought i would share with you some of the sites i used to help me finally work out what i'm doing!

girl does geek

i followed faye's old blog and found her design posts there equally helpful! this blog is packed full of important info from how to change your blog design to all important seo tips. great for people looking to do a few changes here and there. in fact i found both the other sites i use through her too.

pugly pixel

this is where i downloaded my template from but katrina also has so many tutorials on making further changes to templates and even photoshop


this is just full of resources to help make your blog beautiful. from fonts and textures to images. 90% of the images/buttons on my blog were made thanks to free downloads from this site!

i hope this has helped some of you who are feeling a little bit lost when it comes to layout and html. i was exactly the same and although i'm hardly a guru, i like to think i've learnt a thing or too over the past few months!

what sites do you use for your blog?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

exciting news!

hello lovely people!

i'm in a bit of a panic about exams at the moment so i haven't had a chance to put up a proper post for you but don't you worry i have lots of things lined up! the hard part is going to be deciding what to write about first!

anyway, those of you who follow me on twitter will have seen that yesterday i was lucky enough to be chosen as immediate pr's blog of the week! it was so unexpected as i hadn't even put myself forward this week! i can't believe i was chosen as some of my favourite blogs have won in the past, i guess i just never really saw my blog as good enough to win anything so this was wonderful! thank you immediate pr!

the most observant of you will have noticed that i have added something new to my side bar (as well as my new blog award).... yes i am now a member of bite blogs! this is an exciting thing for me as i am a firm believer in the code of ethics that they stand for and it is definitely something that i strive for on my blog. that being said the fact that i have joined doesn't mean any changes for the budget beauty book, it simply means that i am openly showing my support for the bite code.

i'll be back with some reviews and things soon but please bare with me! after this time next week it'll all be over and you'll have me all to yourselves again ;)

hope you're all well!

Monday, 16 January 2012

brands i want to try in 2012

i like to think i have a fairly varied make-up collection when it comes to which brands i tend to buy from. obviously i have my favourites but i do have a little bit of most things. this is how a few brands that i have just never got around to purchasing from (some are more on the pricey side so that may be why!) so my aim this year is to pick at least one product from each to try.

♥ look beauty
♥ nars
♥ mememe
♥ mavala
♥ une
♥ chanel
♥ estee lauder
♥ yves saint laurent
♥ bobbi brown
♥ sigma
♥ illamasqua

what brands have you never got around to trying?

p.s i may have sorta nicked this idea from the lovely lisa over at mybutterfly63 but i asked her permission honest :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

vivo baked shimmer palette

| vivo baked shimmer palette £6 - tesco |

after seeing all of the vivo goodies at the last towib i was determined to go and track some down at tesco. sadly none of the ones near me stock it but luckily  the massive tesco where my friend lives does. so when i next went to visit her i picked up this bad boy on the recommendation of my lovely friend tanya (read here blog here).

as with the vivo concealer kit the packaging is sleek and sturdy. i am always a fan of the solid black packaging that many brands seem to adopt simply because it makes any product look ten times more expensive than it is! the packaging has a fairly small mirror hidden in the top of the case, perfect for midday touch ups. the thick plastic casing of the palette is a big plus for me as i am a massive clutz and dispite dropping this on multiple occasions i'm yet to even see a scratch and there has been no damage done to any of the products inside (thank god!)

each palette contains one blusher and four marbled eyeshadows with a double ended sponge applicator. i personally am not a massive fan of the applicator but if i never use the brushes that come with paletes etc anyway, i just prefer to use my own.
the blusher is a gorgeous darker toned shimmery rose colour. it reminds me slightly of my accessorize blusher i purchased before the summer (review here)  but this is definitely much darker, a lovely shade for the colder months. the blusher is soft and smoother making it easy to apply. it blends beatifully and has great pigmentation. i found that it can be applied lightly to give a very subtle glow but can be built up to give a much stronger colour. i think the shimmer makes this blush more suitable for night time use, but for those of you who love a bit of shimmer or glitter in your life i'm sure you could wear it in the day too.

the fact that the shadows are marbled makes it very difficult to tell what the eventual shade will be. obviously as the colours mix together they create something totally different to what you see in the pan. this is a little annoying when it comes to finding certain colours i want to wear. i may keep a swatch picture in the palette so i can see for future reference.

the shadows are all highly pigmented and are lovely and soft to use. the go on smoothly with little fallout. i like that you get a range of colours, i'm not sure if i would create a look using all four? but they are perfect for an evening out, prehaps combined with some colours from my vivo trio. saying that, the back does give you a guide on how you can use all of the colours to creat an eye look so i'm sure it is possible... prehaps i should give it a try?

this product definitely lives up to my expectations and i'm super glad i bought it. i can see myself getting a lot of use out of the blusher, i've already worn it most nights when i've been out with friends.  i'm not sure how much use i will get out of the shadows simply because i prefer them to be matte, so if vivo decide to bring out a matte version i will be first on line to buy it! however this is definitely a lovely palette for someone looking to expand their collection and one i would happily recommend to anyone with a love of all things shimmery!

have you tried this palette? what's your favourite vivo product?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

clearout challenge: the wardrobe

the clearout challenge continues! today i've been blitzing my room so hopefully i'll be done with this challenge by the end of the month.... maybe?

today i'm bringing you my wardrobe clearout. i always culling my clothes throughout the year to make room for new things but this time i was ruthless. i also finally got around to clearing out my shoes, accessories, dvd's etc which was so therapeutic! it also means i now have a massive selection of goodies to put on ebay.



♥ i tackled one wardrobe at a time, else this task can appear rather daunting.

♥ for the first clothes wardrobe i started by taking everything out of the wardrobe and placing them in two piles 'keep' and 'sell'. for this to work you really have to be ruthless. ask yourself 'when did i last wear this? do i feel nice when i wear it?' if in doubt try it on. if i'm not sure i try it on and ask my brother. (that boy tells it like it is so if i look fat he will be sure to tell me!)

♥  i then put everything back in neatly. bags were arranged by use/type and clothes arranged by type then colour.

♥  i used a similar approach for my second wardrobe but have keep all of my school/work clothes to one side.

♥  for shoes i went through and instantly got rid of any shoes that were looking a little worse for wear. then i took out any shoes that i seriously thought i wouldn't get round to wearing again.

♥  i think i must be one of the only people in the world who still has a video player! a lot of the videos are things that i just wouldn't ever get round to watching again so i went through every dvd and video and got rid of everything that either didn't work, was missing the disk or i simply wasn't interesting in watching.

♥  all of the miscellaneous items in the second and third wardrobe were the hardest bit. i am a massive hoarder when it comes to keeping 'memories' so again i had to be ruthless. 'will i really remember that event in 10 years time? did it actually affect my life that significantly?' if not then it went straight into the bin or the ebay/charity shop pile.

i'm so glad i've finally got round to doing my wardrobe! it's cut out so much time when i get ready in the morning because now i know where everything is!

are any of you doing the clearout challenge? it's not too late to join in!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

dear 16 year old me...

i saw this video on one of my favourite blogs 'the londoner' yesterday and i felt compelled to share it with you all.

so many people use sunbeds nowadays despite knowing the risks but is it really worth it? just one bad burn before the age of 18 can double your chances of getting melanoma.

with so many fakes tans available nowadays do we really need to go burning our skin to get a little bit of a glow? i for one will definitely be layering on the sunscreen and watching myself in the sun.

like they said, share this with your friends. if you make only one person really stop and think about their skin's health you could really make a diffence.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

liz earle energising body scrub

goodness me i am so behind with my reviewing! i seem to have a thousand things to write about but i want to be sure that i've got a good amount of use out of them before i try to post about anything. on that note i've finally got around to getting a good amount of use out of my first ever product from liz earle!


i have the smaller tube of this product simply because i prefer to have little tubes i can chuck into bag for traveling as oppose to big glass jars full of scrubs (i have far too many of those!)

if i'm totally honest i'm not a massive fan of the scent. it's not unpleasant as such but it reminds me slightly of sudocrem.... not quite what i was expecting. considering that two main scents are damsak rose flower and sweet orange oil i was really expecting something much more florally/fruity? but like i said that doesn't make this unpleasent to use at all it's just not really my sort of scent. i do however have to say this scent does make the product seem more expensive than prehaps a florally one would have done, which may explain why this smell was chosen.

the product itself is a sort of gel with small pieces of ground up olive stones sort of floating in the formula. the stones are just coarse enough to really help buff away those dead skin cells and fully exfoliate without being too harsh. the scrub works up into a lovely thick lather which is easy to spread across the skin. (this also means you don't need to use too much for it to really work!) it left my skin super soft and beautiful to touch, exactly what i was looking for!

although the product does seem fairly expensive as far as scrubs go, when you consider how little you need to use for each use it does make it seem far more reasonable, as it will last for a very long time.

although i tend to go for products which are on the cheaper side i do find that sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to something a little bit more expensive. this product definitely does what it says on the tin and feels lovely to use. i'm now beyond excited to finally purchase the much loved liz earle cleanse and polish, it'll be the perfect accompaniment to my clarisonic!

have you tried this scrub? what's your favourite liz earle product?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

my blogging resolutions

i think everyone has goals of some sort for their blog and what better time to reflect on mine for this coming year than at new years eh? (yes i do realise new years was 10 days ago now but it still sort of counts.... right?)

1. improve my photography skills

2. do more fotd's and ootd's (basically pluck up the courage to stick my ugly mug on my blog a bit more)

3. start making youtube videos

4. post more homemade beauty/diy ideas

obviously there is so many other things i want to achieve this year for my blog but i feel like these are the most important ones and giving myself only four means i can fully focus on them more!

have you got any goals for your blog this year? what would like to achieve by this time next year?

Monday, 9 January 2012

organising your time for blogging

more recently a lot of people that i know in 'real life' seem to be reading my blog. i'm super proud of my blog now so i don't mind but i still find it a little weird sometimes as some people just don't seem to 'get it' no matter how hard i try to explain. but anyway that's a little off topic.... what i was going to say is that one question everyone seems to ask me is 'how do you blog so much? how do you find the time?'. well that's easy.... i'm organised! i find it easy to balance my school work and social life as well blogging. so here are a few of my top tips to help keep you super organised!

scheduling is your friend! if you know you're going to be busy try to write up some posts/get some guest bloggers and schedule them for the period you're away. that way your readers have still got something to read whilst you're away.

ready to review
i put all of my products that i am trialing for reviews in one place so when i need something to write about i can go through and find something that i've tried out sufficiently. this also means that i don't send time faffing about trying to work out which things i do/don't want to review.

as well as my ready to review basket i also have a notebook full of post ideas and almost 100 half finished draft posts. that way i never have nothing to write about and i don't spend hours trying to think of a topic.

i make sure i photograph everything before i start using it anyway but i try to take lots of product photos in one go when i have a bit of free time. i also try my best to get any editing done when i have a free moment, that way i always have the photographs ready for any reviews i want to write.

utilise your free time
if you've got some spare time.... use it! take/edit your pictures, write some posts, look for some new ideas. you don't even need to schedule them if you don't want, just having them saved in your drafts is handy as you can post one on a day when you simply don't have any time to write.

how do you keep on top of everything? do you have any top tips?

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