Wednesday, 29 February 2012

bedroom inspriation

i may still doing the clearout challenge but as i'm almost done i've been starting to think about how i want to decorate my bedroom. i really want to add some exciting new ways to store things or just inject a little bit of me into the room. so i've been taking a little bit of inspiration from tumblr!

i know my room will probably never be like these but a girl can dream right? it'll atleast give me some ideas of how to make mine look a little more pretty!

have you got any pretty storage ideas or nice ways to add a bit of personality to your bredroom?

*all pictures found on tumblr if any belong to you please tell me and i will credit accordingly*

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

rituals foaming shower gel sensation

| rituals hammam delight foaming shower gel sensation in fresh eucalyptus and rosemary £6.50- john lewis/house of fraser/rituals stores & website

when i got this in my christmas glossy box (i think that was the one?) i wasn't massively excited by it. i mean how exciting really is shower gel? the other week i found i had run out of my usual shower gel so i thought i would give this one a go and i was pleasantly surprised!

the packaging is nice, i think it makes it look far more expensive than it is and it feels very luxurious. it makes it feel like a real treat when you use it! the spray top can be a little difficult to use the first time, i've seen a few people try to get some out and squirt the gel all over them so approach with caution..... the first time anyway.

this was not what i expected at all! the product is a gel when it first comes out but if left it slowly becomes a foam! how awesome is that! you don't need very much, a little really does go a long way. it lathers up really well, i've found it is perfect for shaving my legs if i want something a little more luxurious than my usual shaving foam. the scent is not something i would usually pick myself, i tend to prefer things that are a little more floral or fruity, but it certainly wakes me up in the mornings! i've seen another one frangranced with indian rose so perhaps i should give that one a try next?

i'm not sure how happy i would be about purchasing this for £6.50. it just seems a little too expensive for a shower gel but i've seen these reduced to around £2 in my local tk maxx and a few people seem to have bought some one sale so it is definitely worth shopping around if you want to purchase them!

did you get this in your glossy box? what did you think?

Sunday, 26 February 2012

batiste cherry

| batiste dry shampoo cherry* £2.99 - superdrug/boots/loads of other places too! |

dry shampoo really is a dressing table staple for me. i cannot count the number of times it has saved me in one of my early morning stresses! not only to soak up and excess oil but to add a little bit of volume to my horrendously flat hair. so on that note i'd like to introduce you to the addition to the batiste range..... cherry!

cherry is one of my favourtie flavours and when a press release popped into my inbox i could not have been more excited to try the product and share it with you!

the bottle is such a cute and fun design perfect to have sitting on your make-up desk. it sort of reminds me of a dress i used to have when i was younger so seeing the print reminds me of some really happy times and also makes me start to think about the summer and sunshine! (yes i have begun my summer countdown already!)

i was worried the scent might be a bit artifical and overly sweet but i could not have been more wrong! the scent is light and fresh. it lingers around on the hair all day and i have found it is very popular amongst my friends who all wanted to know 'what is that amazing smell?!' i love the smell so much that i have to try to stop myself using this every day! if only it was a perfume.... definitely my favourite batiste fragrance so far!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

a little note

well hello lovely people.

you may have noticed i've been blogging less than usual recently and this is simply because i've been feeling a little down and just not really up to it. i blog because i love it and i always said that when i stopped loving it then i would stop. luckily this happened yet and i'm sure i'll soon be babbling away like usual but until then i apologise for the slight delay in posts.

i'm also taking a slight twitter break just to collect my thoughts and enjoy my own company. it's actually quite therapeutic. hard at first but it has made me realise how much time i spend on there which could be better spent on my hundreds of little tasks i have on my to do list. on that note i am still on tumblr etc so feel free to follow me on those using the tabs to your right!

hope you're all well!

Friday, 17 February 2012

natural collection blushed cheeks

| natural collection blushed cheeks in rosey glow £1.99 - boots |

these are something i had seen on many blogs but hadn't really paid much attention too. natural collection is one of those brands that i associate with young teenagers starting out in make-up but for only £1.99 (and i had accumulated a few points on my boots card) i thought i would give this a try.

the packaging is simple but clean looking, with a white plastic base and a clear plastic lid with the natural vollection logo on it. it's obviously not going to be the most expensive looking packaging in the world but i think they have done a great job making it look like it is worth more than the price.

the powder is soft to touch,  but can be a little chalky if you use too much. it gives a lovely subtle colour to the cheeks and can easily be built up for a more intense pop. the staying power is nothing special but this is to be expected, saying that it isn't the worst i've experienced either. the main issue i have is the fall out in the pan after swishing your brush through it, it just gets a bit messy especially if you are carrying the pot in your travel make-up bag.

i'm glad i bought this as it is unlike any other shade in my collection and for the price it is something that everyone can easily pick up! i am sure i'll check out some of the other shades next time i'm in boots.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

elegant touch fake nails

| elegant touch fake nails classic french uv gel coat infinity £6.95  - boots/superdrug |
(mine are in the colour simply bare and in the length short)

i was never big on fake nails. i had this awful irrational fear of them ripping of my nails if i fell over or something. i don't know why because i have never met one person this has happened to! but on friday evening i found myself without the time to apply nail polish before a party, so i decided to take the plunge and give these a try.

they were super easy to apply and within 5 minutes i had a fully manicured set of nails. as a first time user i was impressed with the lack of problems i had but i did manage to glue my fingers together a few time.... luckily it was easily fixed! you are given 24 nails in 10 different shapes, i found it easy to find ones the fitted my nails, so they look nice and natural. they give a beautiful glossy look to your nails and the uv gel coat gives them a chip free finish, which has definitely been true so far!

although it says they are short length nails i found the length difficult to get used to. i don't know if that's because i have naturally short nails but it has taken me a good few days to finally get to grips with them. the box says they should last for 10 days, i've had them on for almost a week now with only one falling off (through a fault entirely my own) which i quickly stuck back on. and they don't look like they plan on budging anytime soon as well which is great!

i am definitely a false nail convert! people have been asking me all week if they are my natural nails and complimenting me on how great they look, in fact the idea of these falling off makes me so sad! i have a couple of other packs of nails hidden away in my draw but i am sure i'll be off to purchase some more in the next few weeks!

what are your favourite false nails? got any you can recommend? i'd also be curious to know how all of you remove yours.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

mua new product launch

it is well known fact that mua is probably my favourite brand. not only is it cheap, the quality rivals that of most more expensive brands. so when  i was invited to the launch of their new products i was so excited! i was under the impression i was just going to looking at their new collaboration with love hearts but it turns out mua have loads of new product that they’ve been keeping under wraps for a while!

1. the first new release is the love heart lip balms. these reminded me a little of the sleek pout polishes but i find these are alot more sheer. thy are a decent size, come in 5 different olours and at £2 are an absolute steal! i'd be happy to get one of these come valentines day! these are available in selected superdrugs or online now.

2. next up is another product in collaboration with love hearts. the nail polishes come in 6 differen sobert coloured shades and are perfect for spring/summer. again they are only £2 which is wonderful especially when the bottles are such a decent size! again these are available in selected superdrugs or online now.

3. i'd seen these in a few stores before i attended the launch but i had no idea there were so many colours! (7 to be exact!) at £1.50 a pop they are great and give you a variety of possibilities when it comes to deciding how to use it. these are available in selected superdrugs or online now.

4. i was least excited about these lip glosses if i'm honest. to me all lip glosses are basically the same, boy was i wrong! the bright pink immediately caught my eye, so pigmented and one i can tell i will be wearing a lot. i'm yet to try out the other shades i got but if they are as lovely as that one then i know i'll be picking up all 8 shade. these are £2 each and are available in selected superdrugs or on line now.

5. crackle polishes seem to have been done to death. i wasn't sure there was anything else that could be done but mua have taken it to a brand new level by introducing these glitter ones! that's right.... GLITTER! these are like nothing else on the market right now and i am beyond excited to try them out! they come in 6 different shades and i believe you can purchase them at the moment in selected superdrugs or on line? but my local superdrug didn't have any when i popped in so i could be wrong!

6. this next product hasn't actually been released yet but it is one that i have been told was highly requested! eyelashes can be so expensive and considering you can often only get a couple of wears out of a pair of lashes these make wearing them affordable! they are only £2 and come in a wide variety of styles (my favourite are siren, the perfect length and thickness or a night out!) i think these are going to be released around march.

7. this is the thing i am most excited about! you may have seen my post of my amazing skin79 super+ bb cream but i am still to find the uk equivalent. none have quite measured up. if this is as good as the other mua products then i am in for a treat! costing only £4 it's at least £6 cheaper than ordering my usual bb cream from asia, plus this one is available in 3 shades (light, medium and dark). again i think this is a march release but i'm sure i'll post about them again closer to the launch!

which pieces are you most excited about?

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

purity facial exfoliator

| purity facial exfoliator* £5.99- superdrug/ |

 if you can't tell i've gone skincare mad at the moment.... so here i have another item that i've been adding to my skincare regime. i mentioned in my post on the facial buffer than once a week i like to give my skin an extra boost in the form of an exfoliating product and more recently i have been reaching for this one from purity.

with a simple flip top packaging it's easy to use and looks very similar to all other items from the brand making it easily recognisable. i can get exactly the right amount out of the tube so perhaps it would be a good idea to have similar packaging for the face wash and cleansing lotion.

although all items in the range claim to be fragrance free this one actually is! i like that simply because i find if all of my products have different scents it can get a bit weird smelling on my face!

the product is a creamy formula with the exfoliating granules suspended in it. the granules in the product are pieces of ground up coconut shell which are coarse enough to really work into the skin but i feel like larger pieces would be better simply because i like an exfoliator that feels a little more harsh. i do think however that this would be great for someone with more sensitive skin whose skin my be aggravated by some exfoliators. the oils in the products, including sweet almond oil and coconut oil help to moisturise and condition the skin.

this is a great exfoliator for people with sensitive skin and it is perfect for the days when i don't want to use anything too harsh on my skin. 

are natural products really important to you? what is your favourite exfoliator at the moment?

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