Monday, 30 April 2012

fashionista custom blush palette

| fashionista custom blush palette*- palette £5, single shades £4 |
| available from selected superdrug stores and online |
| swatches l-r: blushing, bella, juicy apricot, butterscotch |

can you believe how long it has taken me to blog about this?! i picked it up at towib back in october and it's only recently that i've really got round to getting some use out of it... (as usual i forgot i owned it. typical me)

the palettes themselves come in either black or red depending on your preference and have a massive mirror inside which for me is a massive plus as i often find brands seem to underestimate the size of my face by giving me a tiny mirror so i can barely see half my nose! you can then customise the palette with your own choice of eyeshadows or blushers, creating your own individual palette full of your favourite shades.

the single blushers and eyeshadows come in their own black plastic casings which can be left as they are or popped out and into the palettes. i like to keep all of my separate casings in case i want to chuck a single blush into my make-up bag.

this is the perfect palette for travelling. with 3 blushers: blushing, juicy apricot and butterscotch, and one baked eyeshadow: bella (which works perfectly as a highlight) i have a variety of shades to work with depending on my mood. obviously you could pick different blushers should you so wish (or build up your own eyeshadow palette) so you can have the perfect selection for you!

the formula of the blushers is a little chalky but still workable. the pigmentation is beyond belief so you have to be careful to use a light hand when applying them. blushing and butterscotch are both matte shades whereas juicy apricot has a little shimmer, i find the shimmer is so minimal that it is perfect for just adding a little glow to a daily make-up look but if it is something that particularly worries you then perhaps it could be more of an evening blush? the baked eyeshadow, bella, is possibly my favourite part of the palette. it is the most gorgeous golden highlight which i find although shimmery isn't glittery, instead it is super wearable and gives a beautiful glow for day or night!

i can see this is going to be bad for my blusher addiction! with so many amazing shades at such a great price it would be rude not to right? 

have you tried any fashionista products? is there anything i should add to my wishlist?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

simple age resisting day cream

| simple age resisting day cream £6.59 -boots |

this was a lovely little sticking filler from my mama at christmas. i was in desperate need of a new day cream, something effective and not too expensive, and this was one i had heard good things about. if i'm honest i didn't even realise it was 'age resisting' but it's never too early to start right?

i always find there isn't much to say about moisturisers other than this does exactly what is says on the tin (well.... on the box....) it leaves my skin lovely and soft without feeling sticky (a feeling i often seem to get with cheap moisturisers!) and it was extremely calming (totally essential when i am using my retin-a!) a nice addition is that you are also able to use around your delicate eye area, but i have been using it in conjunction with my simple eye cream, so this wasn't really a massive plus point for me. but for some of you it may be!

 the product is white in colour and pretty mildly scented, similar to suncream, but definitely nowhere near as strong! it is this lack of perfume and colour that makes it perfect for sensitive skin, something i am lucky enough not to experience. i have seen a few reviews that have said it made their skin a little shiny but that isn't something i have personally experienced. but do bare in mind i have fairly dry skin.

as well as working effectively as a moisturiser is also has the added bonus of spf15 which is great for those of you, who like me, can't be bothered with suncream unless the sun is blazing in the sky. the pump is a welcomed addition to the packaging, making it my hygienic to use and last longer in the long run because i'm not tempted to use too much!

so it lives up to almost all of it's claims but is it age resisting? well only time will tell i guess? maybe ask to see my face in 20 years time ;)

have you got a favourite moisturiser? are there any simple products you would recommend?

Saturday, 28 April 2012

glossybox: april natural box

| april glossy box- 'the natural box'* |

one thing that is pretty well known about me is that i am big on being eco-friendly. i through away the bare minimum, recycle/donate everything and constantly preach to everyone else about the benefits of doing the same so it was a welcomed surprise to see glossy box joining in this month! not only do all products in the box come from companies who see the benefits of using natural ingredients and helping the environment, the actual box itself is 100% biodegradable! i'm really loving all of the themed boxes it makes getting a box much more exciting knowing that all the products inside are centred around a central theme. (or maybe that's just me?)

i assume all of you know what glossy box is by now? but if not feel free to read back over my first glossy box post where i explained the concept. as usual there was five items in this months box but i was impressed to see that 3 of them were full size in my box! and one of my deluxe samples was a third of the size of a full product making it worth £10! that pays for the box alone!

so what did i get in my box? the first thing that caught my eye was the figs and rouge lip balm. a girl can never have too many and this one is super cute! the packaging has such a lovely vintage feel to it. i was also lucky enough to receive a gorgeous lip liner from inika cosmetics in nude delight which is perfect as i a lip product junkie (seriously my mama wants to sent me to make-up rehab!) plus this is an ideal colour, nothing like any others i've seen before! my final full sized product was a the monu rosewood reviving mist which will be great for hot days over the summer to keep me looking/feeling fresh. the most expensive product in this months box was the caudalie serum which retails for £29.00 full sized so this is an amazing way to try the product so that you know whether it is really worth all those pennies. last but not least was a sample of the philip b styling gel which is used to add volume, texture and definition to the hair, exactly what i'm looking for!

 this samples in this box have been amazing and i will be using all five items in my glossy box so in my eyes that's a massive win! glossy box have really impressed me yet again not just with the box but with the outstanding customer service i constantly receive from them. well done glossy box for showing us all that eco friendly needn't mean using leftover food for a facepack. it really is cool to care and as glossybox so rightly said.... didn't you know green is the new black?

Friday, 27 April 2012

my workout playlist

the essential part of any workout routine. 

this is my current playlist. i like stuff that has changing tempo's but is mainly upbeat, that way i feel more motivated to keep pushing through at a decent speed!

what is on your gym playlist at the moment?

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

notd: it's all childs play

just a quick post to show you the beautiful nails i am sporting at the moment courtesy of the four year old girl i babysit. aren't they just stunning?

in all seriousness the polishes she used, from claires, are really got quality so i'll be sure to check them out next time i'm out shopping!

p.s please excuse my extremely poor cuticles they are playing up for some reason. if you have any miracle products to help clear them i'd love to hear!

Friday, 20 April 2012

lauren's way self tanning bronzing mousse

| lauren's way self tanning bronzing mousse* £17.95- lauren's way website/selected salons & spas |

this is a product that i first became aware of almost a year ago now when i attended the very first towib. at the time the only experience i had had with fake tan involved a friend and i waking up looking orange and patchy...... so obviously i wasn't too keen to try tanning again, especially as this particular product comes from lauren goodger from 'the only way is essex', a show that is well known for it's less than natural look (think fake tan, fake eyelashes and plenty of glitter!) the lovely ree insisted too us all that this tan was idiot proof and after a a few weeks of it staring at me from my vanity i decided to suck it up and give it a go.... and boy was she right!

the tan is easy to apply and goes on streak free with no patchiness, even around all those drier areas eg knees and elbows. a great thing about this tan is that even if you do manage to leave the house with a streak due to a bit of human-error then you can buff it away when dry just as easily as when first applied! one thing i was really dreading is that awkward time you spend wandering the house in your underwear waiting for your tan to dry (just me? oh..... okay then) but not with this one! it dries in minutes so its perfect for a last minute sweep of colour on a night out if you've forgotten. or of course you can apply it in the evening and wash it off the next morning with no worry or ruin your bed sheets!

 the mousse isn't too scary looking. it smooths into the skin beautifully giving a golden bronze finish that is enough for that summer glow but not so dark that it would look out of place in winter. (be warned that i have been told the lotion is darker in colour) and the best bit of all.... it doesn't have that gross fake tan smell! i'm not saying it doesn't have any scent (the bottle states it's odourless.....*raised eyebrows*) but it isn't as biscuity smelling as other fake tans i have tried since. a winner all round!

big thanks to my lovely friend harri who agreed to be my leg model

although i was initially dubious this a product that i am happy to say proved me wrong! it was my go to fake tan all through the colder months and i'm sure it will see me into spring as well. yes the price tag does make it a little harder to swallow (you know me, i'm a bargainista!) but unless i find something on the cheaper side which i can learn to love just as much i'll be sticking with my mousse. it would seem lauren's way really is the only way.

what's your favourite tan? or do you prefer to embrace the pale-ness?

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

clearout challenge: under the bed

yet again i have to apologise for my absence! with exams fast approaching and friends home from uni the past few weeks i have just been so unbelievably busy! i have however been trying to finally get finish the clearout challenge i set myself back in september time (you thought i'd forgotten didn't you!) so be warned i have quite a few of these posts to send your way over the next few weeks!

i thought i'd begin with under my bed.... this is the area where everything without a place seems to end up. it's just a bottomless pit of nothingness.



♥ as usual i began by taking everything out of the space and giving it a good clean. that way i had a blank canvas to start with.

♥ then i found all of the baskets/boxs that had been hanging around cluttering up my room and began to sort things into piles/groups. for example the white basket on the left contains all of my sewing bits and bobs, and the brown basket to the left of it contains all of my notebooks and pencil cases.

♥ round the other side of the bed (closest to the wall) are my less pretty looking items which i have stashed underneath, so that's my mini fridge and suitcase.

♥ stacking everything under is like a big game of tetris! make sure you have the boxes you will need to access the most right at the front, else you'll have to hassle of trying to find them each day!

this was definitely my most satisfying clearout, simply because i managed to store away so many things that had been clogging up my cupboards and floor area for years! now it looks all pretty!

have you been doing the clearout out challenge? or perhaps you finished it before me?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

project 10 pan update/empties

another update for you but i thought i would combine it with the proucts i've recently used up. i know everyone says this but i really do find it useful seeing what products people are finishing up because by that point i think you can really give a good idea of whether it is worth it or not.

with so many products for me to finish i've taken to giving some away to good homes because there is no way in hell i'll ever get around to using everything, so a few of my project 10 pan items haven't been photographed but i have actually finished a few too. not as many as i would hope but i'm getting there..... slowly.

- 4x unlabelled nail varnish
- 3x body collection nail varnish
- 3x bhs nail varnish
- bhs top coat nail varnish
- 2x so delicious face shine (1x gold & 1x silver)
- new look moonshine shimmer lotion
-simply pure moisturising lotion
- m&s fruity beauty bath caviar
- 1x avon lipstick
- 1x colourworks blusher
- m&s body powder
- barry m lipgloss

- nivea lipbalm
- herbal essences hello hydration conditioner
- insignia rush hair and body wash
- elle mcpherson get glam shimmer polish
- elle mcpherson get glam body souffle

some of these products are ones that i was happy to finally see the back off but there were a few that i was pleasently surprised by so i thought i would share my thoughts on a few of the products...

witch liquid concealer-  i've reviewed this before and it's still one of my all time favourite concealers! a definite repurchase!

nivea lipbalm- oh god i just hate this. i can't even begin to work out why i would have bought it. it's way too thick, doesn't apply nicely and isn't even really that moisturising.

colourworks blusher- who would have thought a blusher i picked up in a multi set from new look would become one of my favourites?! the colour was amazing, pigmentation great and it lasted all day.

avon lipstick- i'm pretty sure these aren't available from avon anymore but i absolutely love them! the colours are lovely and pigmentation is pretty good for most. i'll definitely be checking out some of the ones available on the website.
are any of you doing project 10 pan? how are you doing?

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

forever 21 photoshop gone wrong

|skirt here |

when i heard about this i immediately thought 'this must be a joke?' but no. sadly its true.

removing the models knee caps?! i know they aren't the most attractive part of the body but everyone has them and, please correct me if i'm wrong, they are sort of essential when it comes to movement non?

i simply can't even begin to comprehend why someone would do this? answers on a postcard please.

Monday, 9 April 2012

mua 3 in 1 contour pens

| mua 3 in 1 contour pens £1.50- selected superdrug stores/mua website |
| shades smoked plum (6)*, fresh mint (3)*, auburn (5)* and black |

i'll be honest these weren't one of those mua products i was really excited about. i've never been big on eyeliner pencils/pens always favouring liquid or gel liner but knowing that mua never fails to impress me i figuired i'd give it a try and see what happened...

you really do have to give mua credit this is a product really is perfect for a multitude of looks. the very tip of the nib is great for a really fine line which is what i prefer for a day to day look and then using other parts of the nib you can create thicker lines or use it to give an all over wash of colourr.

the colour selection is great with 7 different shades available. although i don't find myself reaching for coloured eyeliners very often the colours i have are far more wearable than others i have owned in the past. the plum and mint colours are pigmented but not as much so as the other two shades, i find this makes them slightly more subtle and thus more wearable, especially if you want to wear them from day to day. however all colours i have (except black) have a metallic finish which may not float everyones boat.

the product glides on to the lid with ease and i didn't worry about it snapping off as it felt sturdy and didn't wind it up much for each use anyway. the colour lasted for between 4-6 hours on my eyes depending on the shade but i would imagine this would be signifigantly less if used on the waterline. (i'm afraid i can't comment as i haven't tried this yet but i'll be sure to update when i do!)
overall i'm very impressed i find the angled edge much easier to use than the typical pencil particularly when applying a fine line to my lid and the winding mechanism eliminates the need to sharpen it which saves me so much time as my pencils always seem to be blunt when i need them! with only 3 more colours until i own them all i'm sure it won't be long until i make a few more purchases!
have you tried these? what is your favourite mua product?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

aussie 3 minute miracle conditioner

|aussie 3 minute miracle colour deep treatment £4.99- boots/superdrug |

this product has had pride of place in my haircare routine for a while now. i've been super busy this past few month and it doesn't seem to be easing up anytime soon so i needed a deep conditioning treatment that would be super speedy and could replace my usual weekly hair mask. i had heard some good things about the 3 minute miracle so i thought 'hey, why not!' and popped in my basket when i was next in boots.

the packaging for this product is particularly great for me as i am looking for something that i can grab in a rush. the bottle is like no others that i have seen, in that it doesn't have a lid! ingenious right?! you simply squeeze the bottle and the product comes out a hole in the bottle when then reseals itself when not in use. so much less fiddly when for the shower!

the key ingredient in this is wild peach extract, reflecting that used by indigenous austrailians, and this is definitely the dominating scent. i would say however that although the main scent it isn't overpowering. i love putting this into my hair as it just makes me smell amazing! i find it's especially great after swimming as it gets rid of that gross chlorine smell.

so yes the packaging and scent are great but does this actually do what it's meant to.... well yes it does! my hair is left feeling soft, shiny and really easily manageable and i barely need any for each use. even better it is a really purse friendly price! this is the perfect addition to any super busy girls routine as we can all spare 3 minutes if it's going to give me luscious locks (oh yes i said it!)

what's your favourite hair product at the moment? have you got any aussie products to recommend?

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

purity anti-aging mosturiser

| purity anti-aging mosturiser* £7.99 - superdrug/purity website |

almost at the end of my purity products now. i suppose it seems odd to hear a 19 year old talking about anti-aging products but i was always taught 'prevention is better than cure' so i'm starting early!

the packaging is sturdy and clean looking much like the other purity products i've come across before. again like the others it claims to be fragrance free but i've found, although not necessarily an added fragrance, it smells exactly the same as the overnight moisturiser the combination of ingredients gives this product a scent similar to a cross between sun cream and playdoh! not really something i would choose to smell like....

the product is super thick and creamy, perfect for an evening moisturiser but i find if i use too much it can a little too much for daytime use. if i use a very small amount for each application the product feels far less heavy and leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft exactly what i'm looking for! the thickness means that you don't have to use much for each application so i'm sure it would last a while which would perhaps make purchasing yet another moisturiser more justifiable?
this product is a little more expensive than my usual moisturisers (despite it still being on the cheaper side) but as it seems it will last such a long time. the scent does put me off slightly and i won't be able to tell you if it's really anti-aging (ask me in 30 years!) but for now i'm enjoying using it.

have you tried any purity products yet? if not you're definitely missing out!

Sunday, 1 April 2012

how old is your make-up?

i can't take credit for finding this website it was one i found on a post over on lipglossiping and i thought it was too amazing not to share with you all!

about a year ago now i wrote a post on make-up expiry dates and how important it is to throw away all of those bits that clog up your make-up collection for years on end, holding loads of dirt and bacteria. i find the main problem with this is that i tend to forget when i bought things so they could actually be much older that i'm telling myself.

enter cosmetics calculator....

basically you input the brand and the products batch code, then the website will tell you exactly how old the product is! perfect for helping you decide which products might have run their course.

how are you when it comes to hoarding old products?

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