Sunday, 27 May 2012

seche vite dry fast topcoat

| seche vite dry fast topcoat £8.99- beauty bay/boots |

this is one of those products that everyone raves about and it got to the point where i couldn't resist any longer i finally had to get my hands on it!

this supposedly has a special formula which penetrates right down to the base coat forming a single solid coating over the nail which makes it more durable. in theory this is a great idea but i found it really didn't make a difference to the longevity of my polish at all. but i was happy to see that it dries in seconds which is perfect for girls on the go like me and it gives a gorgeous glossy finish which is very professional looking, for that salon manicure look.

to be honest this didn't really live up to my expectations. it doesn't really make my polish last longer (which was the main reason i bought it!)but i'm beginning to think nothing ever will. i am however pleased with the finish it gives and how quickly it dries so i'm sure i'll purchase it again!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

blistex med plus lipbalm

| blistex med plus in cherry berry- £2.34 boots/£1 poundland |
my local pound shop hides some amazing products sometimes, things you would never expect. so when i saw this in there i snapped it up! i'm such a lipbalm junkie and would you believe i've never owned any blistex products?!

i have to say i think this is my favourite lipbalm ever. it is super mositurising (infact the most moisturising i own!) and smells like a cross between cherry and raspberry. yummy! this particular blistex product is designed protect the lips which is perfect for this time of year, when the heat can really dry them out but this is perfect to chuck in my bag and apply on the go to attempt to get my lips as close to perfect as i can for summer!

what's our favourite lipbalm at the moment? any to recommend?

Friday, 25 May 2012

aka launch

last week i was lucky enough to be invited to the unveiling of a brand new budget make-up brand, aka cosmetics. i was excited to see such an array of products for me to take a look at from lipsticks to blushers, and eyeshadows to nail polishes. all products range between £5-£9 which is definitely affordable. i'll admit i was initially disappointed not to see any foundations/concealers etc but the gorgeous lip products more than made up for it!

i have some products from the range to trial so this isn't all you'll be hearing about them but i wanted to show you some (not so great) pictures i took at the launch to give you all a sneak peak! products are available online and in selected independent boutiques, with the view of moving it into more stores at some point. be sure to check out the website if you want a further look.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

happy birthday glossy box!

| may glossy box- anniversary box* |
i can't believe it's been a whole year since glossy box first began! how far it's all come! i think we can safely say that there have been ups and downs but i have truly been so impressed by them and love getting a box in the post! what with it being the anniversary box there were high expectations and i am definitely not disappointed! and how lovely of them to give us gifts on their birthday ;) i'm yet to see what anyone else has got in their boxes so i have no comparison.... but here is what i got in mine! 

the box is the traditional glossy box pink but once i opened it i was greeted by the most beautiful tissue paper! its covered in these amazing printed illustrations of all things beauty. (i'm definitely keen on this becoming a permanent thing!)

the first thing that my eyes were drawn to was the hd brows 'brow beater'. i've just run out of my collection (i still want to call it collection 2000!) clear mascara so this is exactly what i needed! it's designed to tame unruly brows whilst conditioning them. and it's full sized so i'm sure it'll last me ages! can't wait to give it a try! next thing i saw was the collection gel eyeliner in black. i'm almost of of my mac one so this is a welcomed addition! i believe this is full sized? but either way i'm super excited, collection is one of my favourite brands at the moment. also included was a shower gel from noble isle, a brand i'm not familiar with, it's a nice size for travelling but the scent is a bit masculine which may not be for everyone. but seeing as i am always using my brothers lynx it is something i'm not worried about! following on from the weleda cleanser from a previous box, this time i got a moisturiser. i wasn't a fan of the cleanser so here's hoping this fairs better! the final product in my box was some perfume samples from lolita. i know alot of people hate getting these in beauty boxes but personally i love it! they're great for chucking in your bag in a hurry and often their ones i would have never thought to try. i'm particularly liking  the green one! lastly my box had a cute little glossy box mirror and a balloon. such a lovely touch! plus a girl can never have too many mirrors ;)

two out of the five products in my box were things i was looking to purchase anyway so for me this box is an absolute win, even if i don't really use the others! so here's to another great year.... happy birthday glossy box!

what did you get in your box?

Sunday, 20 May 2012

hello summer?

well isn't not quite summer yet, for me it isn't until all my exams are over in a months time. hopefully by then the english weather will have sorted itself out and it'll be beautiful and sunny (a girl can dream right?!)

so back in september i shared with you all what i love about autumn (post here) so i thought i would do the same for this coming season!

what do you love about summer?

sitting on the grass knowing my bum won't get wet

sunday trips down to the beach with the family to walk the dog

bbq's in the garden

wearing shorts and pretty sun dresses 

afternoons with friends in the park

the pretty skin that comes with getting a bit of a tan


the beautiful long, light evenings

the yummy light evening meals of summer time (plenty of salads and seafood!)

the smell of freshly cut grass

and finally

knowing that i don't have exams for at least another 6 months

Saturday, 19 May 2012

mua eye primer

| mua professional eye primer £2.50- selected superdrug stores/online |

i searched high and low for this product since it's release an absolute age ago! luckily the superdrug by my school has finally started stocking superdrug pro, so when i saw this i was straight in there!

the only other eye primer i've tried is the urban decay primer potion but i really can't justify spending the money on it, no matter how good it is! 

the packaging is what i have come to expect from mua. sleek and professional looking. definitely not what you'd expect for the price range. the product itself blends nicely onto the lids and the thickness of it makes it easy to even out the tone of the skin on the eyes. it dried quickly which is perfect for me as i always seem to be doing my make up in a hurry! this extends the life of my eyeshadow by a good 4-6 hours depending on what i'm doing, not only that the colours appear stronger and have a great intensity. 

how was i ever without this?! as far as i'm concerned if this continues to work as well as it currently is i won't be purchasing anything else. i have a few others that i bought around the same time which i will trial and compare, but they have a lot to live up to!

have you tried this primer? any others you would recommend i try?

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

eyeko skinny eyeliner

| eyeko skinny eyeliner in emerald green* £9.50- harvey nicholls/online |

when eyeko was rebranded i have to admit i wasn't really that bothered. i'm rarely in london anyway so buying it would be a bit of a bother and none of the products really caught my eye. so when i saw this eyeliner in my january glossy box i just shrugged it off in favour of the orly nail polish.

this week i decided to make a conscious decision to be more adventurous with my eye makeup. i very rarely stray away from neutrals and i felt like for summer it might be nice to add a pop of colour.

i've been using this colour on my lower lash line, whilst maintaining my usual mix of stila shadows (review here) to add a pop of colour and i have to say i have been loving it! it really brings out the green in my eyes and lasts all day! the colour is a gorgeous, deep, pigmented green and i've had many a person comment on how great it looks this past week! i also love the idea that you can actually use the whole pencil right to the very end as the silver section acts as a handle! that definitely makes me feel like i'm getting my money's worth.

this product has definitely impressed me and although it's not exactly cheap, i think it is still affordable considering it is a high end brand. i'm already considering purchasing some other colours and perhaps checking out some other products when i'm next in london.

what do you think of this rebrand? have you tried any of their products?

Sunday, 13 May 2012

solait bronzing foam

| solait bronzing foam tan in dark £4.99- superdrug |

so when i ask on my facebook a couple of weeks ago what people would like to see this was one that came up. seeing as i am a going through a bit of a fake take obsession and i have loads hanging about i figured  should really get around to writing about them!

since i bought this superdrug have actually had a bit of a move around, slightly changing the name from 'tinted bronzing foam' to simply 'bronzing foam' and now only offers light or dark as shade options. neither of these changes really bother me if i'm honest but i do wish there was an intermediate shade for the winter months.

now the first thing you will notice about this tan is the smell.... yes it has the dreaded biscuit smell. i say dreaded, it isn't actualy something that bothers me at all but i know it can be a massive deciding factor for many peope

i know some people like to go for a more subtle fake tan but with all of my friends seemingly jet setting 24/7 every school holiday i like to try and keep up! and by that i mean i want to look like i've been in the sun for at least two weeks! the guide colour can come up a little orange so i would recommend washing that off so you don't look like you've been tangoed before you go out for your night on the town! with that in mind i would definitely say the final colour is on the darker side of natural. but it is not fake looking, you just look like you've enjoyed some sun! i would say it's more of a summer tan than a winter one.

the product applies well but be warned because the colour is so dark any mistakes are highly visible! this tan allows mistakes in application to be buffed away relatively easily but once dry that becomes increasingly more difficult until you wash off the guide colour, then most mistakes are barely visible.

dry time isn't as short as my lauren's way tan so this definitely isn't one to use in a hurry. you're left feeling a little sticky for a good 10-15 minutes but after than you're good to go!

the price makes this tan a winner for me! (of course the fact it actual works also helps!) i think i'll have to pick up the lighter version when i finally get a little more money in my bank again.

guess which one has the tan on? ;)

have you got any fake tan recommendations? what sort of shade do you prefer?

Saturday, 12 May 2012

mua pretty pastels palette

| mua pretty pastels palette* £4- selected superdrug stores/ |
mua products never fail to impress me so when i saw this palette new for spring/summer i was super excited. it's a great way to embrace the pastel trend if you don't feel brave enough to go all out with your outfit.

initially i was worried the shades might wash me out, but  i found they were really wearable: nice and subtle. all but one of the shadows are shimmery (the matte shadow is the top left one) so if you're looking for something matte this definitely isn't for you! as usual i won't be using the applicator but that's nothing new, i always prefer to use my own brushes over those provided in sets.

the formulation is great. the shadows are super soft and easily blendable. for some reason the swatches are making the shadows look really awfully pigmented which isn't the case. they aren't anything special but were definitely buildable, exactly what would be expected from pastel shades.

this palette isn't going to change the world, but it does the job and i'm really loving it! perfect for brightening up a rainy day. it really does seem they can do no wrong! if i keep collecting bits at my current rate in a few months i'm sure i'll have collected the entire range ;)

Friday, 11 May 2012

figs and rouge lip, face & body balm

| figs and rouge rambling rose lip, face & body balm* £3.29- feel unique |
| i've also seen this in boots if you don't want to order from online but it was around £4.99 |

i am a huge lip balm fan so when i saw this pop up in my april glossy box i was so excited!

it was the packaging that first drew me in. it's got a lovely vintage feel to it and it's 100% pure, natural and organic which i think is a lovely touch. that means no petroleum! so this is a great alternative for people not wanting to use vaseline or petroleum jelly.

the product has an amazing smell of roses the second you open it and this transfers onto the lips beautifully, tasting a little like some rose drops my mama bought me for xmas one year. the formula is very creamy almost like a super thick vaseline, but still soft. it is super moisturising as well which is perfect for dry flaky lips like mine!

i have to admit i haven't used this on the rest of my body very much but i did give it a try on my elbow and it left it feeling so soft and lovely, as if i'd just slathered it in body butter. i do worry however that it may run out pretty quickly if i decided to use it on my whole body so i reckon i'll stick to using it on my lips for now.

what was the highlight of your glossy box? any lip balms to recommend?

Thursday, 10 May 2012

be back soon

it's that time of year again..... exam season.

so that means there will probably be some breaks in my blogging, simply because i am totally swamped with revision and i'm finding it hard to find time for anything else right now. this is my last chance for and come august i want to be able to tell everyone that i've finally made it to university.

so don't be too surprise if i drop off the planet for a bit.... i'll be back come june 22nd (or prehaps a few days later... hopefully i'll be celebrating!)

good luck to anyone else with exams happening/coming up! and see you all super soon!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

fantasy prom dress shopping

i'm not actually going to prom this year. i decided that it would be weird for me to seeing as i had already done it all last year but that hasn't stopped me from looking! i thought i'd show you all some of my favourites that i've been lusting over. i chose a mixture of formal and slightly less so, because obviously every school is different.

1. new look £129.99
2. topshop £45
3.  ted baker £399
4. all saints £395
5. new look £224.99
6. topshop £45

imagine any of these with a massive pair of heels and a beautiful up do.... *sigh* would it be wrong to buy one just so i can wear it out shopping?

Friday, 4 May 2012

clearout challenge: the floor

so this is my final clearout challenge post. it's taken me over six months from start to finish but i feel so much better for it! it really is true that when you let go of your possessions you feel so much lighter and free. plus i've made myself a few extra pennies along the way selling those items i never really used anyway!

so here we have the floor of my bedroom...



and the best bit about it is that i took this picture a week ago and it still looks just as amazing!

i'm not going to insult your intelligence and tell you all how i did this bit. i basically cleared up all the rubbish from my floor and either threw it away, put it where it was meant to go or got rid of it some way or another. easy peasy!

it's not perfect yet but that'll take alot of time, patience and paint! so watch this space!

i hope you've enjoyed the clearout challenge as much as i have and if you got involved i'd love to see your posts!

Thursday, 3 May 2012

stila eyeshadow

| stila eyeshadow pan refill in cloud and  eyeshadow matte in sajama-  both rrp £10.78 (but i've seen these for as little at £1.40 on cheap smells!)

considering i don't wear an awful lot of eyeshadow i really do own an awful lot! but more recently i've been really trying to add it to my daily make-up routine so i can get some use out of my stash. these stila shadows were ones i had totally forgotten i even owned but they have quickly become my go to eye combo!

i love that these act as a refill for a palette but i do find it can be annoying if i want to stick them in make-up bag for use on the go. you don't really want to carry around a chunky palette for touch ups but carried alone you stand a high chance of them getting broken as they aren't well protected. it would prehaps be a nice idea to be able to buy single or smaller palettes to use for shadows such as this. that way you can easily chuck it in your bag for on the go.

cloud is a gorgeous golden, champagne colour which is perfect for an all over lid colour, great if your in a hurry and want something to quickly swipe on. sajama is a beautiful matte, grey which works well in the crease for a day if you don't want to go all out with a black. they make the perfect combination!

the shadows themselves are buttery soft and ever so smooth. they are beautiful to apply and so easy to blend making them perfect if you want a beautiful eye in a rush! i noticed next to no fall out which also massively reduced application time as i didn't have to touch up my foundation after i'd finished!

as for staying power i was a little disappointed. on a night out without a primer it really didn't stand the test of time and was almost gone by the time i got home. i found with a primer it did last a not longer but still not quite as long as i'd hoped. but don't worry i'm determined to find a way to make this work!

so would i buy some more shadows from stila? for £10.78 i don't think so. but when you can get them so cheap on other sites it would be rude not too really! you may not have as much choice but if you check back regularly they change the shadows for sale periodically. (well they do on cheap smells at least!) i can tell i''m going to have a full palette in no time!

do you own any stila shadows? any to recommend? what are your favourite eyeshadows at the moment?

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