Saturday, 30 June 2012

yankee candle lip balm

| yankee candle lip balm in vanilla lime £3.99- ebay |
i saw these on a blog a few weeks ago now and couldn't resist getting one. (with money in my paypal it would have been rude not too!) these aren't actually available in the uk yet but i managed to grab one off ebay. i almost bought the strawberry flavour but i figured i own far too many and thought vanilla lime would be an interesting change.

the packaging is really nice, just like a baby yankee candle! you remove the lid to reveal a really wide  tube which is a lot wider than my lips which initally annoyed me but now i'm getting used to it. i do however think a more 'traditional' tube might be more appropriate.

the balm itself reminded me of a twister ice lolly (you know the lime ones with the vanilla ice cream?) , it smells/tastes almost exactly the same! it is pretty moisturising but probably not enough for someone like me with super dry lips but it does have the added bonus of spf15.

i'm not sure i would order another one of these at the moment but if they decide to make there way over to the uk anytime soon i may be more swayed ;)

Friday, 29 June 2012

notd: orly everything's rosy

| orly- everything's rosy* £8.20 -look fantastic (mini's also available from boots) |
is it sad that i chose this because it has my name in it? (actually don't answer that) the formula of this is the same as my other orly polish. it only needs one coat and leaves a beautiful glossy finish. the rubbery lid makes the polish easy to use and i've found it to be one of my longer lasting polishes. i don't tend to comment on longevity of polishes simply because it is such a personal thing but this one has definitely stood out for me anyway.

haqve you tried any orly polishes? any colours to recommend?

Thursday, 28 June 2012

do you want to go to the seaside?

| scarf- boot fair | top- topshop | skirt- topshop | shoes- primark | earings- topshop |
last week was my friend sarah's 18th birthday so we took a little trip down to rye for lunch and a wander around. we found ourselves down at the beach and used the opportunity to take a few pictures for my blog.

i'm super self concious so it's very rare for you to see any face or outift of the days from me, plus the things i wear are hardly super exciting. but the way i look at it alot of people probably don't dress in heels and disco pants every single day. maybe there is a space in the blogging community for someone like me? don't worry i won't be suddenly becoming a fashion blogger. it's only going to be here and there if i particularly like my outfit. but i really want to attempt to try something new.

what do you think? have you ever been down to rye? or do you know of any other south eastern coastal areas i should visit?

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

empties #2

my empties posts always seem to be a bit.... well empty (excuse the pun) but this month i've tried to work my way through a few. normally i do a run down of every product but as i have more this month i thought i'd try something different...

the good
nivea double effect deodorant | collection 2000 clear mascara (good but mua one is cheaper) | superdrug mud mask | nice'n easy colourseal conditioning gloss | jurlique ultra firm and lift cream* (nothing special) | clarins gentle refiner | jo malone vitamin e gel | clarins toning lotion | clarins cleansing milk |

the bad
| stargazer sparkling hair gel | rimmel eyeshadow duo (far too chalky and no pigmentation) | clean and clear deep cleansing lotion (made my skin too tight and stripped) | body glitter | charlie pink body spray (okay smell but very pre-teen) |


the (possibly) re-purchased
| nivea double effect deodorant | superdrug mud mask | nice'n easy colourseal conditioning gloss (my go to conditioner for coloured hair) | clarins gentle refiner (the pefect exfoliator, if only it was cheaper!) | jo malone vitamin e gel | clarins toning lotion |

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

jewellery from deliah dust

| wish bracelet £3.50- |

i had to show you this gorgeous piece of jewellery i won i couple of weeks ago in a blog giveaway. i've been wearing it near enough every day because it's just so simple and goes with everything! they do free uk delivery which always sways me so i know i'll be buying loads of things, but i think i'm going to wait until the store update on the 30th june becuase that means loads of new items, some of which are going to be one off pieces!

have you bought anything from delilah dust? do you have any other independent jewellery sites you would recommend?

bourjois magic nail polish remover

| bourjois magic nail polish remover £4.99- boots/superdrug |

this product has been reviewed to death so i don't want to do some big long review on it. but basically i own far too many nail polishes and this product helps me get so much more use out of them. now i can change my nails almost everyday without any hassle!

it is worth every penny in my opinion and i will DEFINITELY be repurchasing.

Monday, 25 June 2012

notd: orly rock-on red

| orly- rock-on red* £8.20 -look fantastic (mini's also available from boots) |

i'm finally back! exams are over and i am now looking forward to 3 months of freedom, filled with fun, friends and (hopefully) sunshine! it also means i can get back to blogging properly again!

this has to be one of my favourite summer polishes. it is the most gorgeous pink toned red and was opaque in one coat making it the perfect polish for when i'm in a hurry. (being the worry wart that i am the picture above is with two coats but it didn't actually need that!) the lids are rubber coated making them easy to grip and the brushes are really easy to use, that means no streaky application!

i'm already searching for more orly polishes. especially from their latest two collections! they've definitely got my seal of approval!

Monday, 18 June 2012

50% motel sale!

whilst searching through my pr emails this week i found a wide selection from kninkle (knee wrinkles fyi.....) products to hair dye... but when i saw this one i had to let you all know about it!

so the motel sale doesn't actually start until wednesday but i have a link that allows you to start shopping now...... with 50% off! not all of the sale items are here but this gives you a chance to have a look before they all sell out!

so click here and when you checkout enter the code SECRETSALE50

call me the enabler ;) happy shopping!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

bioderma crealine h2o

| bioderma crealine h2o- 2x 500ml €22.90 french phamacy/1x 500ml £10-14 not inc p&p ebay
a few weeks ago now my dad popped over to france on business and i set him a challenge to find me this cleanser! i was pleasantly surprised to find a double pack waiting for me on my bed following his return!

i'd heard amazing things about this cleanser and it was all totally justified! the product has no scent and is so gentle on the skin that it literally feels as though you are cleansing your skin with water. it's great for removing the toughest of make-up, even waterproof mascara.

i do find that often i can dispense too much onto a cotton pad, which can mean that the product can go in my eyes when taking off mascara. so i simply hold another cotton pad up next to it and allow the cleanser to soak onto the dry pad too. that way i can take off all my make-up easily and effectively without wasting product.

i've heard a few people say that they felt they were using up the product too quickly but i haven't found that at all. prehaps i'm just conservative with how much i use? overall i'd say this a definite repurchase and i think i'll have to send papa on a search for some more french products for me! any recommendations?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

shizzle lips: metallic lip foils

| shizzle lips metallic lip foils* £12.50 - |

i'm such a bad blogger. i've had these for such a long time but just never got around to trying them out! when my friends came round on friday they were having a nose through my products to review pile when someone pulled these out! what better time to give them a try eh?

at the time of getting these i read a few reviews, some raving about them and others saying how difficult application was a just basically slating them. not being deterred i went in it with an open mind and set upon making over my friends.

to my surprise application was super easy! you simply apply the glue (which smells like paste!) and wait for it to go clear then stick on the foils and pull away, a little like you are waxing yourself. it leaves you with a great finish and any gaps left can be easily removed. i found that some seemed to apply better than others but that is most likely simply down to the difference in peoples lips rather than some foils working better than others.

although i was lucky enough to be able to try a few different colours, when you buy a pack you can only buy one colour but you do get enough for between 6-12 applications. below are some pictures of the ones we tried but there are 10 different shades for you to choose from if none of these catch your eye...

we found that after application these stayed sticky for a very, very long time but if you spray over your lips with hairspray (please dear god close your mouth) then the stickiness is near enough gone. obviously you don't want to wear these if you're going to be eating/drinking loads, we tried it..... they don't stand the test of time i'm afraid. 

some of my beautiful friends
overall i am highly impressed by these and loads of the girls want to buy some for an upcoming fancy dress party. i'm not sure i'd ever drag them out of my draw for a night out but they are great for every now and again. i'm afraid for practicality they probably get a 3/10 but for everything else i'd give them an 8!

Monday, 11 June 2012

welcome to souriez!

i've been a bit awol this week on the blog. i've just been so busy with work and revision but luckily i'm half way through exams now so at least i'm almost at the finish line!

so whilst i've been away there have been...... a few changes. firstly the most obvious one will be that i have bought a domain! i decided to re-brand my blog as it just wasn't what i wanted it to be. as my blog has grown this past year i just felt that what i was writing about was changing and i had so many ideas that just weren't fitting in with the tone of the i decided to make the jump and thus 'vous souriez' was born! 

vous souriez means you(pl) smile in french and has always been one of my favourite words. in fact my favourite french phrase of all time is 'souriez la vie est belle'. smile, life is beautiful.

i just think this change will allow me to create the content i really want to, so i hope you all understand! i've changed my bloglovin' and my old has been linked to the new domain, but if anyone has any suggestions on what to do about my hello cotton account i would be very thankful! i can't work out if there is a way to change it or prehaps i should just make a new one?

any ideas?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

montagne jeunesse strawberry souffle face mask

| montagne jeunesse strawberry souffle face mask
i love the feeling of putting on a face mask at the end of a long day. it makes me feel like i'm being properly pampered even though it requires little to no effort. the montagne jeunesse masks always remind me of sleepovers as a child. my friends and i used to pop into town and grab them before going home and putting them on and painting our toe nails. as an adult i had really forgotten about the brand but when i found this in my collection the other day i thought i would try it out and see how the brand faired now i was a bit more beauty savvy.

the first thing that hit when applying this mask is how amazing it smells! it smells just like strawberry syrup, in fact it smells so good that at one point i considered eating it! you have so much product in each satchet and it is pretty thick so you can apply a really thick layer onto the face. this is one of the only masks i've tried where you actually do end up looking like the girl on the front! 

strangely the mask doesn't actually dry. well it does sort of, but not enough for it to feel restrictive like other masks. i guess it's something do do with all of the cream inside it?  to me it feels like a more luxurious version of my diy yoghurt mask. it was as easy to wash off as any other mask i've tried but i wasn't left with that horrible tight but clean feeling afterwards. the little strawberry seeds in the mask work as a really gentle exfoliant when you wash the product off but don't aggravate the skin in doing so simply because the seeds are just so tiny!

you know normally i am one to say 'nope not worth it' if i can find a similar diy alternative but in this case i just love it too much! the scent is amazing and the mask left my skin feeling moisturised, yet clean. i absolutely love it and will definitely be purchasing it again!

Monday, 4 June 2012

mua single pearl eyeshadows

| mua single pearl eyeshadows 11,12 (l-r) (but the other way round in top image) - £1 superdrug/online |

can you believe that with all of the mua products i own i had never tried their single eyeshadows?! i have a couple of palettes by them so i know what to expect but these are even better than I could have hoped for!

now i'll admit the shade names confused me... i thought they were both called pearl?! but it turns out that is just the name given to the finish. they also have matt shades available too but i think there is far less choice. so hopefully this is a part of the range that they will expand!

i found that in the pan the shadows looked really glittery and i was absolutely dreading application, fearing big chunks of glitter would be all over my eye but actually the finish is far more of a shimmer and they are lovely and smooth to apply

shade 11 is a beautiful warm toned bronze which i have been using as an everyday all over lid colour. if i want to wear this on a day out to really make the colour pop, i use my elf studio cream eyeshadow in bronzed. it just makes the colour that little bit more intense.

shade 12 really reminds me of one of the shades in the innocence eyeshadow trio. it is a dark shimmery brown with green undertones, making it a truly unforgettable colour! it sort of looks like a mix of a few different shades? it's basically a lazy girls dream! perfect if you don't have a lot of time to get ready before a night out.

the products are buttery soft and apply like a dream, blending really easy with no fall out (as far as i could see anyway!) as for staying power, with my mua primer these lasted a whole school day with minimal fading. my only gripe is that they use numbers instead of shade names but hey, i'll live! so for me these are all round winners!

have you tried these single eyeshadows? how do the matte shades compare to the peal ones?

ps excuse the ridiculous way i have managed to do the pictures above. i really have no idea how i have managed to put the shades different ways round in almost every picture! clearly exams are frying my brain. sorry everyone!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

how i grew my nails using nailtiques protein formula!

| nailtiques protein formula 2- 7ml £10.95 beauty bay |

i've alway had pretty skanky nails. thin, flakey and short, you just had to look at them and one would break! i remembered seeing this product on a blog sometime last year so i went on a hunt for it!

i'll be honest when i first started using this i was so disappointed! there didn't seem to be any improvement, it just seemed like an over-glorified base coat. but boy was i wrong! slowly but surely my nails have been getting longer and they haven't broken in over a week! (touch wood!) i tend to wear it alone and it leaves my nails with a nice glossy finish. the box say to apply one coat everyday for a week but it does start to peel off after about 5 days so i tend to remove it and then start again the following day. this product makes the process super easy and it dry pretty fast too so i don't have to spend hours each day applying it!

yes this is pricey but it is truly a wonder product and it's given me the nails i always wanted! as far as i'm concerned no price is too great for that!

what are your nail wonder products?

Saturday, 2 June 2012


the most observant amongst you will have noticed that my header had changed and is adorned with a brand new name! i am currently in the process of completely rebranding my blog and as this will take up to three days it may be a little scary and messy over here! 

don't be alarmed! i will explain all once my domain is linked properly and everything :)

mua professional bb cream

| mua professional bb cream in medium*- £4 selected superdrug stores/online |

i have to say when i initally heard bb creams were hitting uk shores back in july of last year i was excited but a little dubious that they would live up to my beloved skin 79 super+ bb cream from asia. and i was right. people who hadn't tried asian bb creams were loving them but said they seemed the same as tinted moisturisier... whereas those who had were clear that none compared! so rather than try them out for myself i decided to wait it out until one got the seal of approval from asian beauty lovers or really stuck out to me! the mua one was a product i was able to try at their spring product launch and i couldn't wait until i could get my hands on it!

the shades come up pretty light and to my surprise i'm actually the medium shade, the light truly is for really fair skin so it may be worth have a swatch in stores before buying. the cream is initially quite thick, normally a bb cream is thicker than a tinted moisturiser but not quite as thick as a foundation but i definitely say this leans towards foundation consistency. once applied the product feels far less heavy, blending in beautifully and offering a medium coverage with a nice dewy finish, which is not quite enough to cover all my blemishes but is nice in the summer with a good concealer if you don't want to go all out with make-up.

my skin79 bb cream does have a one up on this, in that it contains spf for day wear but for evenings this will be great as i won't have a ghost face in pictures!

have you tried the mua bb cream? any other uk versions to recommend?

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