Monday, 15 October 2012

towie love addict perfume

| towie love addict perfume* 30ml £12.99, 100ml £18.49- the fragrance shop/boots |

i can be a bit of a snob when it comes to celebrity perfumes and i can safely say when i heard that towie had released a fragrance i wasn't really expecting alot...

i love the dark purple bottle but i would prefer a transparent finish as oppose to the metallic one, but that's just a personal choice. the clear gem top and ribbon are a great touch, i mean who doesn't love a bit of leopard print?! its super glitzy and girly. exactly what you would expect from the towie ladies! 

despite the fact i've reviewed a few fragrances on here now i'm still not getting much better at it i'm afraid and i think that it's hard to get an idea of a fragrance without actually smelling it anyway. but to give you some idea the fragrance is florally but not too sweet, you can definitely sweet the more woody top notes. i find that it is these woody, oriental notes that make it more of an evening scent, perfect for a night out. 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

empties #5

i was hoping i'd get this up before i left for uni but i never got around to taking the pictures so i had to chuck it all in my bag and take it all up to my new room. people thought i was a little crazy so its nice to finally be able to get this up and throw it all out.

the good
| vo5 give me texture (great product but the bottle broke so i had to transfer it into a new one) | clearasil ultra overnight serum | schwarzkopf permanent hair colour in hypnotic red (my current hair colour. i love it so much!) |  boots honey and jojoba leave in conditioner (hated this when i first got it but its a godsend after i wash my hair) | vo5 give me moisture shampoo |

the bad
| the body get glam! shimmer float | pure deep cleanse face wipes x5 (i went through alot of these in festival season, not the best face wipes ever but they do the job okay) | spa body wash in relax | m&s coconut milk hand and body lotion | schwarzkopf colour conditioner | nougat hand cream |


the (possibly) re-purchased
| vo5 give me texture | schwarzkopf permanent hair colour in hypnotic red | boots honey and jojoba leave in conditioner | vo5 give me moisture shampoo |

this has been a successful month for the possibly repurchased. most of the things i like are things which i have or mostly likely will pick up again and i've managed to get a nice chunk of my stash used up, freeing up even more space in my new room!

what products have you been trying to use up recently?

Monday, 8 October 2012

famous spotlight lipgloss

| famous spotlight lipglosses* in babe and fiesty (l-r) £4.99- selected superdrug stores |

how gorgeous are these lipglosses from famous cosmetics?! they are the perfect product for a night out, with the addition of the little led lights and a mirror on the side you can do touch ups anywhere and everywhere. the formulation isn't sticky at all and the pigmentation of both is pretty good. a little sheer but can easily be built up to give more colour. both of the shades i have are really shimmery so these are definitely night out colours but 'babe' could also maybe be worn in the daytime? 'fiesty' is definitely my favourite of the two. the blue undertones in it are perfect for creating the illusion of whiter teeth! 

have you tried these? what do you think about light up lipgloss? 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

nyc 16hr lipstain

| nyc smooch proof 16hr lipstain in persistant pink and berry long time (l-r) £3.99 -superdrug |

when i'm in my dance classes i don't like to wear much make-up simply because you're exercising and you want your skin to breathe. so rather than layering on foundation i like to put on a lip stain, it lasts the whole class and is super low maintanence.

the main drawing point for these was that they claim to last for 16hrs and i'm going to start off by saying that sadly that isn't true. i mean i didn't try to wear them for 16hrs but i found after 3-4hrs they had faded to next to nothing. saying that the colours are absolutely gorgeous. the red shade looks amazing alongside my new red hair. i've been wearing it more than is truly necessary. i find the pink is slightly less wearable as it is quite light but for daytime with fairly simple make-up it goes down a treat! as one of the cheapest lipstains on the market i have to say i'm impressed, it's not without faults but it does the job, what else could i really ask want for less than £4?

are you a fan of lip stains? what do you think of nyc?

Friday, 5 October 2012

famous re-touch primer

| famous re-touch primer* £7.99- selected superdrug stores |

when i go on a night out i always feel like a primer is a must have product. the last thing you want to have to worry about is your make-up sliding down your face, especially during freshers week when everyone seems to be carrying a camera!

i found this primer in my masses of stuff i packed and thought i'd give it a try on a couple of nights out to see how it faired. the formulation is fairly dry and sort of silicone-y? not my preferred primer type but once on the skin it creates a really smooth base for your make-up and you can barely feel it, it feels nice and light, unlike many other primers i've tried.

my make-up wasn't perfect by the end of the night but i did notice a difference in how long it lasted. and my skin definitely looked alot smoother and more flawless when this was worn under my foundation. so that was a thumbs up from me! 

have you tried famous cosmetics? what is your favourite primer?

Monday, 1 October 2012

st ives apricot scrub

| st ives apricot scrub blemish fighting £3.99- boots/superdrug |

st ives apricot cleanser was the first skincare product my mum ever bought me when i was 11 years old. i loved the grown up feeling of washing my face with it every night but when it ran out i moved on to other products and for some reason i've never gone back to it. when i spotted this whilst house sitting for a friend i just had to give it a try especially after hearing such rave reviews!

the exfoliating pieces are all natural and are nice and coarse, not so much that they feel damaging but just enough for you to really feel the cleansing effects. this particular variation of the scrub is for oily/blemish prone skin and as such is oil free and contains salicylic acid. i like to use this on my t zone and my chin, the areas where i most get blemishes. i really do find that my skin feel so much cleaner after use and the scent is just divine! this is definitely worth all the praise it receives! as far as 'budget' skincare goes this has to be one of my favourites.

have you tried st ives? what do you use to keep your skin feeling fresh?

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