Sunday, 25 November 2012

collection 2000 lock n hold lipgloss

| collection 2000 lock n hold lipgloss £2.99- boots/superdrug |

this was a typical blogger impulse buy. i wasn't even really that excited about buying it but i had read some rave reviews and i just got drawn in by the hype. in fact i've had it for ages in my 'to review' basket but i wasn't really excited about trying it out. but the other day i felt like trying something new and this just so happened to be the most amazing shade i have ever tried and is now my staple lip gloss for both day and night. it looks amazing both alone or layered on another product. the shade is very unique, a cross between a sort of mauve, pinky shade which definitely needs to be swatched to fully appreciate it. I wouldn't say it lasted 6 hours but it wasn't far off, only if i didn't eat or drink anything, but really at such a cheap price it is so easy to replace so a little bit of reapplying isn't the worst thing in the world!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

notd: miss sporty 475

| miss sporty nail varnish in 475 £1.99- boots |

i spent so long searching for the perfect khaki nail varnish. ever since i first bought my matte top coat all i could think about was having matte khaki nails and how amazing it would look in the colder months. so finally i found one!

i'll be honest i've never paid much attention to miss sporty product. they always seemed a bit pre-teeny but the nail polishes have really impressed me! this was full coverage in two coats and was super easy to apply with no streaks. i just wish they had a larger colour range as i have most colours are quite similar to some i already own.

have you tried miss sporty? any colours you're looking forward to wearing this autumn?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

well hello there

wait? what? me writing a post?! i can hardly believe it either! it's been almost a month since i last posted anything on my blog. i made sure that when i first started university i had plenty of posts scheduled but as those ran out i felt more and more pressure to start writing again, but really i didn't want to.

those of you who have been to university will know that the first term is completely manic. making new friends, nights out, joining societies and starting to learn what it means to force yourself to work, amongst so many other things! my course doesn't have many contact hours so i basically have time to do whatever i like but even the free time always seems to full of a thousand other activities! for me blogging is a hobbie and i want to enjoy writing posts and making my blog into something i'm really proud of so i needed that time to take a step back and really think about where i want my blog to go and what i want to write about. the past month really has been a learning curve for me and infact this sunday i turn 20 years old and for me that means i'm really a grown up. i'm ready to start making something of myself and making my marking in my own little way, moulding myself into something i'm so proud of! so with that in mind i'm back and ready to start getting back into it again and giving it all the energy and effort that it really deserves. and thank you so much for sticking with me, i really do appreciate it.

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