Monday, 31 December 2012

new years resolutions #2

it's that time of year again! when i make a load of scary looking promises to myself for the next 12 months which i will inevitably fail in the first two weeks. i decided last year to try and limit myself. by that i mean rather than making thousand massive resolutions that i stand no chance of completing, i tried to make a few more specific challenges that i could really focus my efforts on.

so did i actually complete last years resolutions?

1. go to university  
it finally happened!

2. loose 1 stone 
i lost a bit of weight but nothing compared to what i've put on!

3. donate some time to charity
some of my best moments of the year

4. clear out my bedroom
cleared through everything.... just need to get rid of it all now!

5. save £1000
i saved it... but then i spent it... so lets try and save it again maybe? :)

so really i did pretty well. much better than i expected! which really puts pressure on me for this year... so what have i decided my goals are for 2013?

1. loose 1&1/2 stone

2. exercise regularly

3. learn to do the splits

4. create a budget and stick to it

5. save £1000

6. achieve a 2.1 in my first year at university

as you can see again some of them are on my day zero project list but they are simply challenges from the list that i want to attempt to complete this year. so now it's onwards into 2013 with as much enthusiasm and determination as i can muster.

happy new year to you all and may 2013 bring you heath, happiness and success that each and everyone of you deserve :)

Sunday, 30 December 2012

my 2012 highlights

2012 has been an amazing year for me. obviously there have been highs and lows but the highs have definitely outweighed those lesser moments. i thought it might be nice if i shared with you those moments that have made me so happy outside of blogging, the things that happen behind the scenes, so you can relive all those amazing times with me as we move into the new year....


finding my place at school and making some of the most amazing friends i could have ever asked for. they made retaking the year so much easier, to the point where i forgot i was even retaking.


visiting my friend emma at loughborough and attending her hockey social.... yes i am dressed as a turtle. it was this trip that made me sure that loughborough was the place for me.


going to my first brownie camp as a leader. it rained a ridiculous amount and obviously i can't show you any of the cute pictures of my lovely little brownies but it was the best weekend, full of so many fun activities. as you can see i got well involved!


enjoying the sunshine at our easter egg hunt and picnic had to be a definite highlight. particularly one of the boys having to climb into the stream to recover a lost creme egg!


finally leaving school. it may have taken an extra year but i finally walked out the gates of my secondary school for the last time knowing i would never be going back.


for sarah's birthday we both took a trip down to rye to explore the old town and visit the beach to take lots and lots of pictures. it was the nicest way to spend her 18th and i have so many pictures to remember the day by!

having been with my company for about 11 years doing my final show was definitely going to be an emotional one. i was in more numbers than i've ever been before and my musical theatre solo piece was definitely my most difficult so the level of stress i was really that day was like nothing i have ever known but i loved every second of it and even went back as a guest performer in october for one of their shows.


watching my friend jess carry the olympic torch was definitely an emotional one. she does the brownies with me amongst a million other things and she is truly one of the most inspirational people i know. i really count myself lucky to have ever met someone as amazing as her and watching her be recognised for all of the amazing things she has done made me so happy. to top off the whole day she even let me hold her torch afterwards!


celebrating the olympics up in london by visiting hyde park with some friends. we spent 2hrs queuing for the cadbury house but it was so worth it and as we were leaving we even managed to catch josh osho playing his set in the sunshine. one of my favourite memories from the summer.

i've been to reading festival for the past three years now but this year was on a much bigger scale than the previous. i was camped with a group of around 15-20 people and we decided to camp right in the centre of yellow camp and had the best time ever. lots of alcohol was  consumed and lots of amazing memories were made, stories that to this day we still laugh hysterically about.


this was the first year i've been to bestival and it's already secured its place as my favourite festival. there are so many things to do and so many different kinds of music. literally something for everyone and you will never ever complain you are bored.

of course getting into uni had to be one of my top moments but i'm afraid i don't have a picture for that... but i do have hundreds of pictures for freshers! the whole of freshers fortnight was absolutely amazing, but the best night of all being when we won the sing-off. nothing will compare to the amount of pride we all felt that evening, or the amount of alcohol we consumed in celebration!

the freshers ball was the perfect way to bring freshers fortnight to a close. we all got dressed upo and ventured to the union where there were funfair rides, street performers, dj's, food stands and the uni somehow managed to blag jls to perform.... we didn't get back to flat until gone 6am. the sign of a great night out.


joining cheerleading is one of the most amazing things ive done. i've made so many great friends, learnt a new skill, improved my fitness and flexibility, all whilst having the best time ever. it is definitely my kind of sport and something i'm going to stay involved with every year i'm at uni!


my 20th birthday. i may have been on crutches but my night out with my friends was no less crazy than usual. with the addition of birthday challenges i had to complete on the night out i have to say it may be one of my favourite nights out so far.

at midnight in the middle of november i was driven blindfolded and left the other side of liverpool for lost 2012. it was fun for the first 12 hours but as midday approached it was definitely less so as we still hadn't managed to leave liverpool. arriving home was a relief and although i probably wouldn't do it again i am so proud of myself for doing it in the first place.


joining stage society and being part of rent is one of my big highlights of first term, i've made some of the most amazing friends and had the opportunity to be part of one of my favourite musicals. so many tears were shed at the end of this but it's not long til the next one. i'm sure it'll make next years highlights too.


winter ball at the national space centre had to make the list. getting drunk next to rockets? what's not to love! 

finally xmas with the family. i love uni but it was nice to come home and spend some time with my mum, dad and friends back home, even if i have spent most of it on crutches. i've had time to reflect on all the things i've learnt this past term and think to next term and all the things i want to achieve. now i'm super excited to get back to loughborough and see all the people i've grown so fond of and make some more amazing memories.

what were your best moments this year?

Saturday, 29 December 2012

what i got for xmas

these posts are always so controversial but i personally love seeing what everyone else got for xmas it gives me great idea of things to search for in the new year, plus i'm super nosy! i decided rather than showing you everything i got i would just randomly grab a selection, so here is the result.

i was so lucky this year. my family had got me my cheerleading uniform (my main present) a few weeks before xmas and so i wasn't expecting much. i thought maybe i might get a few essential bits i had asked for (nail varnish remover, shampoo, mouthwash etc) but i was beyond surprise to find my family had been so generous. i have truly never felt so thankful and lucky and i really appreciated every single thing i was given. thank you to all of my family. i love you all and i really can't think of any way to make you see how truly happy and thankful i am. but if i think of one you'll all be sure to know!

i hope you all had a lovely xmas and i'd love to know what you got this year!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

cooking with rosie: teabag shortbread

i was looking for something a bit unique for my dad's side of the family this xmas so i decided to made them a a few goodies. i gave them a jar of my sweet chilli jam and decided i'd make them some yummy shortbread to satisfy their sweet tooth. i'd seen these teabag short bread here but i wasn't keen on the idea of mixing lemon and chocolate so i decided to use the recipe i found here instead. below is the result of my efforts...

a last minute picture before we were about to destroy them i am afraid! but i can confirm they are so amazingly delicious! in fact i am going to make some more before i go back up to uni to share with everyone there :)

did you make any presents this year? what is your favourite sweet treat?

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

merry xmas

merry xmas from vous souriez

i hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy every second of it. it only happens once a year right?! so  drink and eat way too much, watch loads of crappy tv and spend some quality time with those you love the most.

ps. yes that is me pretending to be a reindeer. consider it a present from me to you ;)

Monday, 24 December 2012

you are not alone

xmas can be the most amazing time. full of food, fun and family. but not for everyone. if you are feeling upset. watching everyone else enjoying themselves but feeling empty inside. feeling depressed or simply needing someone to talk to. pick up the phone and ring one of these numbers.

0300 123 3393

08457 90 90 90

Alcoholics Anonymous
0845 769 7555

08000 50 20 20 

London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard
0207 837 7324

0845 767 8000

Preventing young suicide 

For people in Northern Ireland
0808 808 8000

0800 1111


0808 2000 247

Eating Disorders Association 
0845 634 1414

0808 800 4444

NHS Direct 
0845 4647

No Panic
0808 808 0545

Cruse Bereavement Care

they are there to help and no-one deserves to feel anything less than happy at this time of year. there is always someone that cares. you are not alone this xmas.

cooking with rosie: easy bread rolls

as usual i've left everything until the last minute so i'm off doing my xmas shopping on crutches today like a crazy lady! so whilst i'm off getting attacked by other manic shoppers i thought i'd show you something i did for a dinner party for some friends the other day. i've always wanted to make bread, in fact it was on my '101 things in 1001 days' list, and having my friends over gave me a great opportunity to try it out! it was so much easier than i thought it would be and definitely impresses guests!


-1 dessert-spoon sunflower oil
-2 teaspoons salt
-750g strong white flour
-1 sachet fast action yeast (mine was 7g)
-450ml warm water

1) place the flour, yeast and salt in a bowl. add the oil.

2) next add the water a little at a time. stir it all in until you have a soft dough.

3)  place the dough on a work surface scattered with flour. knead the dough for around 5mins making sure to create pockets of air as you do so.

4) split the dough into rolls (i was able to create around 11). place them on well oiled baking tray. leave to rise, ideally they should double in size. i was in a rush so mine didn't get quite that big... but i promise it doesn't affect the taste!

5) place the rolls in the oven at 220C/425F for 15-20mins. you'll know they are done if they sound hollow when they are tapped. once cooked leave to cool on wire rack or eat them warm straight from the oven! super yummy and super easy!

have you ever made bread? what do you make to impress dinner guests?

Sunday, 23 December 2012

pretty thrifty xmas wrapping

this post was meant to be up yesterday but like an absolute idiot i manage to break my ankle again.... nice one rosie. but better late than never right? so if you are more organised than me you'll have already bought all of your xmas presents for everyone and be getting down to the job of wrapping them all up to pop under the tree. i always really struggle with the idea of paying for wrapping around xmas and birthdays. it seems like such an unnecessary additional cost. i always think that money would be better spent on more gifts for people or the like. so i have made it my goal to make my gifts look pretty without spending a penny. here are some of my favourite ideas.

-wrapping paper
  • newspaper- black and white newspaper can make a really pretty alternative wrapping paper. it's a bit hard to find bits without massive images or strange/depressing sounding headlines, but when you find some great pieces its totally worth the wait.
  • fabric- i always have so much left over fabric laying around and if you find some pretty pieces handing around you can fold them around your presents to create a little bundle and then secure with a ribbon or simply cut to allow you to tie the fabric into a bow.
- beauty boxes are a great size for little gift boxes. i tend to find my gifts don't always fit into them perfectly so i don't always use the lid and instead make a sort of hamper, wrapping it in cellophane and having items spilling out the top. you can even use the shredded paper they come with to bulk them out a bit and make them look nicer.

- gift tags are such an easy thing to make and yet can be so expensive in stores!
  • cut up old cards- i'm such a hoarder and keep all of my cards from the previous year, so rather then letting them clog up my bedroom or end up in the bin. i just cut off the half that has been written on leaving the front of the card; then i can write on the back of them and either directly stick them on, or hole-punch them and attach some ribbon.
  • make parcel tags- these give a really nice vintage twist to a present and i find they look really pretty paired with a gift wrapped in newspaper. all you need is some card and some ribbon/string to attach to the present. i found a sort of stencil online and then draw around it to get the shape perfect! then you just use a hole-punch to make a small hole and thread through some string/ribbon. 
then you can just finish the wrapping off with a ribbon round it and a sprig of holly from the garden to give it that final touch! easy peasy and super cheap :)

how are you wrapping your presents this year? 

Friday, 21 December 2012

mac pink nouveau lipstick

| mac pink nouveau satin lipstick £14- mac/selected department stores |
i've always lusted over the mac lipsticks. my list is ever growing and if i had the money i could easily spend hundreds of pounds just on lip products! but they aren't the cheapest things around and i just hadn't been able to justify the cost. pink nouveau was a shade i swatched every time i went into the store, so just before i went to uni i decided to buy myself a leaving present and finally picked it up.

i'll be honest, i really know nothing about the different finishes from mac but i always seem drawn to satin and it does appear really nice. it isn't as drying as i would have expected, in fact application is lovely and creamy. obviously it has the typical vanilla scent you expect from mac lipsticks. i find this a little overpowering at times but not unpleasant at all. the shade is gorgeous. great for something a little bold in the day or the perfect  accompaniment to a night out look. yes they are expensive and i could probably find a dupe for cheaper... but it doesn't stop me lusting after it. and one couldn't hurt right?

are you a mac lipstick lover? any to recommend?

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

mua undressed palette

| mua undressed eyeshadow palette* £4- selected superdrug stores/online |

if i had to choose one palette to take with me to a desert island (why this would happen i have no clue...) this would be my instant choice. when it was first released immediately people were making comparisons with the urban decay naked palette, but it's hard not to! this really is the budget alternative. the shades are near enough identical and the names are pretty similar too! (an excellent idea. nice one mua!) the annoying thing is.... i think i actually prefer this palette to my naked one... it is simply that i find this one easier to work with. the fall out is less and i don't worry about pressing too hard or running out of a shade because it only costs £4 to replace it, compared with the  £36 odd i spent on the urban decay palette! a perfect stocking filler for any beauty lover, or someone new to make-up.

have you got the undressed palette? how do you think it compares to the naked palette?

Monday, 17 December 2012

st moriz instant self tanning mousse

| st moriz instant self tanning mousse in medium- £3.99 |

i've been pretty bad at keeping up my tanning routine whilst i've been at uni but every now and again an event will pop up when i just have to put of bit of colour back into me! last week we had the ball for my hall of residence so i thought i'd try out a new tan i've had knocking around for a while.

i decided to use the medium shade just so it looked a bit more natural for this time of year, nothing worse than being orange in the middle of winter! the colour was perfect and the application was really easy. there were no streaks and dried really quickly, perfect when you live with 13 other people! the last thing you want is everyone walking in on you in your underwear!

the main problem i have with this tan is how difficult it is to get hold of but if you have a savers near you this is definitely worth a look. especially if you're on a budget! a great product for any first time tanners!

are you an everyday tanner or do you save it for special occasions?

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