Wednesday, 23 January 2013

current perfume favourites

cher lloyd* 30ml £15
i went to the launch for this ages ago now and to be honest i had really thought much of the product. the packaging struck me as a bit tacky looking and the scent wasn't really anything special... but when i rediscovered it in one of my drawers i ws so surprised by how much i loved it!  it's super sweet and florally, very girly. nice as an everyday scent but sadly not very long lasting. i'm thinking i might transfer the fragrance into a smaller bottle so i can carry it around in my bag.

benefit laugh at me leelee 30ml £29.50
this was a gift from a friend and i have to say it is fast becoming my favourite fragrance. its a much heavier fragrance than i tend to wear in the day, but not overpoweringly so. the fragrance is the perfect mix between girly and mature, perfect for where i am in my life right now. i always feel so grown up when i wear it. (yes i am so very sad) it also has the added bonus of being the perfect size to throwing into even my smallest bag.

vera wang princess night 30ml £30
how gorgeous is this bottle?! it's totally covered in glitter, with a little crown on top, giving it pride of place on my dresser. this is definitely a night fragrance as the name suggests. it's fruity but not too overly sweet. again quite heavy making it last through the evening.

victoria's secret pink body mist 75ml 
i got this on a whim when the victoria's secret store opened in london. it reminds me of my first ever perfume 'dior light blue'. it's very light as would be expected from a body mist and the packaging makes it perfect to chuck in my bag on the way to dance class. i really don't know how to describe the scent as it is neither floral nor fruity, or it doesn't appear to be. but nevertheless it smells amazing! i can't remember exactly how much it was but i believe it was somewhere between £5-10.

what is your favourite perfume right now?


  1. I love all of Benefit's perfumes but I don't actually own any haha, just always sniff them when I'm at a counter x


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