Monday, 7 January 2013


dear mama
i miss you already

dear tom
i'm sorry we couldn't spend more time together. work hard. these next few months will fly by.

dear loughborough
the past 3 weeks were empty without you. i'm so happy we have finally been reunited.

dear daddy
it's going to get easier. just stay strong. don't worry about me.

dear re-freshers
please come around faster!

dear home friends
i know you're all busy but please come visit soon.

dear me
buckle down, drink less and keep on being you. don't let anyone get you down. also stick to that diet. it's going to be worth it when you look and feel amazing.

dear exams
can you just be over now please. this is getting silly.

nb. i borrowed the idea for this off the amazing raquel who does her 'friday letters'. go and check her blog out, it is beyond awesome!


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