Friday, 4 January 2013

loosing the fresher 15

i've been saying i am going to loose weight for a while but it was very difficult in first term as i tried to find my feet and learn independence. breaking my ankle didn't really help as i wasn't able to run or do dance or cheerleading or any of the other things i loved. but recently i saw a picture of me that made me really unhappy. i'd really allowed myself to get to a size that i don't feel comfortable with. i don't feel as healthy and energised as i did before and so this year i really need to buckle down and starting getting rid of that weight i've been building up this last term. especially as my new years resolution is to loose 1 1/2 stone! the picture above may not be my most attractive photo but it symbolises exactly where i want to be. i might not have been at my skinniest but i was at my happiest weight. a point where i finally accepted myself for who i was, and that is where i want to get to again. i'm not going to go on any fad diet or anything i just want to make a few big changes in my life and hopefully that'll help me shift these extra pounds.

1) only eat when i'm hungry
i'm really bad when it comes to this. i am an awful 'bored' eater. if i can't think of anything else to do then i just eat without giving it a second thought. it's sent my body into some weird mode where i can no longer tell when i'm actually hungry. so next terms goal is to begin to properly feel hungry again and only eat at these times!

2) go to all of my exercise classes every week
obviously this wasn't possible last term, but i have an awful habit of forgetting to go to things like this. or finding something 'more important' to do. considering most classes are only an hour i'm being a massive baby by not going and just finding an excuse to cover the fact i can't really be bothered. there are no excuses this year! time to get up and move!

3) take up running
i used to love running but i've got so out of shape that the thought of it now really intimidates me. i really want to get back into it this year and stop being scared of it! i've got a few friends who are interested in starting it this year too so i'm hoping we can go out with a few of us to make it a little less scary.

4) drink more water
i've tried this many a time but i always fall back into old habits. water has so many amazing benefits, not only will it help my skin but it increases your metabolism and thus you burn more fat. so the answer is easy.... drink more of it!

5) stop drinking fizzy drinks
this one is going to be hard. i don't really drink a lot of fizzy stuff anyway but it is my default mixer for nights out and i really want to change that. they have so much sugar in and no really nutritional value at all. so it's going to be squash or juice from now on!

6) watch portion size
it's not really a secret that i love food, i have such a tendency to eat food just because it tastes nice, even if i don't really need to eat it. so this year i've got to learn that waste is okay. if i have food left over i can always freeze it or put it in the fridge to eat at another time. i think the main way i'm going to aid this is to eat out of smaller bowls/plates. apparently it tricks your body into thinking you are fuller? i shall report back!

have you decided to loose weight this year? got any tips?


  1. I'm also trying to give up fizzy drinks, as for your mixers I think fresh orange goes pretty well with vodka. I know it's got a lot of sugar in it but it does count towards your 5 a day! Good luck x


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