Friday, 25 January 2013

no7 loose powder

| no7 loose powder £10.50- boots |

i keep meaning to do a review of this and never seem to get round to it, mainly because it's so blooming hard to photograph! but finally i managed to take some pictures that are almost acceptable and t least give you some idea of what it is like.

i  think this is my favourite powder out of all the ones i own. i first picked it up four or so years ago when i had a no7 voucher hanging around. so really it was just luck that we found each other! there  are only 3 shades (as well as a transparent powder) which can be a little annoying, but luckily the light shade is a great match for my winter skin. what i love about this is that it provides me with coverage, without looking cakey. i suffer from quite bad scarring and redness so any extra coverage is a god send to me, helping me achieve that (almost) flawless finish. the packaging is a bit bulky and difficult to use, in that it can be a bit messy getting the product out, but that is a small price to pay for something that makes my skin look so much better than any other product of its kind ever did! and.... i found it completely by accident!

what amazing products have you discovered by accident?

nb the recent re-branding of no7 has meant that this product has new packing but it is essentially the same thing.


  1. I have this powder as i got it on a buy one get one half price offer thingy, but i have yet to use it, i'm a bit scared of loose powders. but the lady in the shop applied it on me and to be fair it looked lovely! maybe i should just crack it open! xx


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