Thursday, 3 January 2013

sampling samples #1

i've seen a couple of bloggers do something similar to this and i thought it was such a good idea i had to get in the action! my drawers are over flowing with samples but you can't really write a whole review on them so i thought i could do a sort of 'first impressions/would i repurchase' type review, choosing around 5/6 products for each post.

1. monu extra rich night cream
i decided to use this on a whim and it has become a staple in my skincare routine. it is especially for dry/sensitive skin so its super moisturising, perfect for a night cream. i'm not a massive fan of the smell but until i find something that works as well this is set to stay.

2. balance me wonder eye cream
this was another product i just grabbed out of the box when i had nothing else to use. it smells really nice and is really soothing on the eyes. i feel like its made a big difference to my eye area and i can definitely tell when i haven't used it.

3. dead sea spa magik delicate boosting mask
i thought i'd try a new face mask whilst i was home and this was one i've had knocking around for a while. it is especially to nourish dry skin and goodness me does it work a treat! i used it after i washed my face, when it was feeling a bit dry and tight. it totally eliminated this making it feel soft and smooth. will i repurchase? definitely at some point in the future.

4. yves rocher sexy pulp mascara
my favourite mascara right now. the shape of the brush makes it really easy to get all of your lashes and it made mine look so long and thick. this is a definite repurchase once i have used up all of my others clogging up my drawer.

5.  garnier body intensive 7 day
so i am halfway through the 7 day challenge for this and i can already feel the difference. it is so unbelievably moisturising and makes such a difference to my dry, scaly legs.

have you tried any of these? are you a fan of samples?


  1. I have so many samples too, I'm slowly getting through them only to have subscribed to glossybox for 2013 - doh! Haha love your posts xx

  2. This seems a nice idea. I really want to try the garnier moisturizer

    Miri xx


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