Friday, 8 February 2013

ghd total volume foam

| ghd style total volume foam* £14.95- online |

i've always had problems with getting volume into my hair. for some reason it just wants to stick to my head flat as a pancake! i'm constantly on the search for a product that can give that gorgeous voluminous style that all of my friends seems to be able to achieve and my quest sent me in the direction of this product from ghd.

i've never really had much experience with mousse before. after a traumatic experience with them as a teenager (yes that crispy curl look...) i wasn't keen to try them again but this product makes it so easy. you simply apply a couple of pumps to towel dried hair and then blow dry into your desired style. i could instantly see a difference in my hair from the second it started to dry. it didn't feel heavy like lots of other products i had tried before and instead it felt a little like a hairspray. the volume lasted all through the night, obviously it was never quite as big as it had been at the beginning of the night but this is to be expected with any volumising product. i also tried this on dry hair and it works just as well, so i can even use it even on days when i'm not washing my hair, a massive bonus! i can see this becoming a staple in my everyday routine!

it might be a bit more expensive than i normally spend but you use so little each time that it is totally worth the cost, especially as it's the first thing i've found that actually works! plus it's free shipping on the website!

as well as trying out some new products i've also been endeavouring to move away from my usual 'hair down and straight' style. ghd have got some amazing hairstyle ideas on their website that i've been loving trying out these past few weeks for anyone who is looking to do the same.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

orly flash glam fx

| £10.80 online/boots |
how gorgeous are these new polishes from orly! i rarely write about press releases but i seriously want every single one of these in my collection. the variety is just incredible, there is truly something for everyone! apparently you need a couple of coats to make them opaque so these are perfect to wear over other polishes or alone. is it wrong to spend my student loan on them all?

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

sampling samples #2

back again with some more samples i've been trying to eliminate from my collection. i find the whole process of writing this sort of post very therapeutic, similar to when i do empties posts. i suppose its that idea of knowing that i'm actually getting use out of my masses of unnecessary stuff i hoard away. so here are my latest bits and bobs i've been trying:

la potion infinie argentum*
i just didn't get along with this at all. it claimed to do loads of amazing things involving some weird sciencey stuff but i was sorely disappointed. it made a weird film over my skin and wasn't really that moisturising, not noticeably so anyway. i expected it to feel really luxurious and amazing but i was sorely disappointed.

wei royal ming firming and hydrating cream*
this is a lovely thick, deeply moisturising cream. the scent is subtle and not at all overpowering. the product leaves no residue on the skin and instead you can feel a very slight (and i do mean very slight) tightening effect. i'd be interested to see if this tightening lasted if the cream was used over many weeks.

dhc deep cleansing oil*
using this was a very strange experience. the idea of rubbing oil into my skin when i still had make-up on seemed to go against everything i had ever been taught about skin care but it did eliminate all of my make up and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy. in fact the whole thing felt very luxurious, so much so that i don't want to use too much so i can make it last longer!

collin resultime regenerating collagen gel*
i was a little unsure about starting to use this. i wasn't really sure if it would really do anything, would it actually make my skin look any tighter or plumper? as it was only a sample size it is definicult to predict any long term changes but after initial use my skin definitely felt tighter, this did mean that it was also alot drier than normal but as it is mean to be used prior to moisturiser i'm not bothered. the only real downside for me was the scent, it reminded me of my grandma and not really in a good way... not necessarily a reason for me not to use it, just something i'm not a fan of.

dermalogica daily microfoliant*
i'll be honest.... i just don't get it. i can't get it to work for me. i just find it to be too much effort to try to form the correct paste consistency, i'd rather just use of of my other exfoliators.

clarins ultra-matte rebalancing lotion
i'm a big fn of this product! it was hydrating without being sticky and didn't leave my skin feeling tight. it didn't eliminate all of my shine, but it was very effective on my t-zone. a big plus was the fact that it left my skin feeling so much more even, a definite plus for someone like me suffering from scaring.

have you found any good products through samples?

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