Thursday, 11 April 2013

samping samples #3

samples are possibly the best things to have lying around when you are a student. when you get down to that last little bit of shampoo and you only have enough in your bank account for a pack of   11p super noodles, its great to be able just grab a few sachets to last you until the next student loan instalment. so last term as i was running low on my skincare i had a good old rummage through my collection and found these gems to see me through.

benefit moisturising triple performing facial emulsion
this something i've had in my make-up bag for when i have to fix my face on the go. its the perfect size and the glass bottle makes it hard-wearing so it won't break in the bottom of my bag! the bottle does have some faults as it does make it super hard to get the product out but luckily you don't need much each time. the smell of the moisturiser is just amazing, in fact the whole range skincare smells glorious! (i've had a bit of an obsessive stalk of the benefit counter...) i have to say, although i can't afford to purchase this right now i'd definitely be inclined to do so in the future. it does what it says on the tin and left my skin feel moisturised and make-up ready!

skin etica*
i got this in a glossy box, and to be honest i hadn't given it a second thought but my skin really played up this past term and i was willing to try anything! i have to say i think this would be easier to use if it was just that little bit thicker, i find the product to be very watery and it sort of drips onto the face... saying that, it is very soothing and helps eliminate redness in blemishes after a few days. i also noticed spots disappeared faster. luckily this sample is still alive and strong as you get so much in a bottle, so i'll continue to see the benefits for a while to come!

benefit foamingly clean facial wash
as with the moisturiser this smells like heaven in a tube, it was a pleasure to put it on my face! it left my skin feeling super clean and smooth, without being drying like so many face washes can. overall this is just a great product which cleaned my skin just like it was supposed to.

what are your essential skincare products? anything i should pick up on my next shopping trip?

big ♥,



  1. I've been using samples at uni too, until all of the face wash ones ran out and I bought a Witch face wash, all toners, moisturisers etc are samples though. By Clinique and Lancome, I think... They're so useful but I have so many full size skincare products that I need to start using too!

  2. The benefit products sound amazing, I really want to try their skincare! XX

    Hannah; Glitter And Sparkle


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